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“We love hiring graduates from LearningFuze”

"With how fast technology changes, it's important to get more out of education than what most traditional institutions can provide. Learning about new advances as they happen, while gaining real world application is truly what sets LearningFuze apart."

- Tyler Harmor, CTO @ Fusion of Ideas

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As with any product, there is nothing like personal reviews and referrals to build a reputation. LearningFuze’s best press comes from those who have experienced the program – it’s students.

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LearningFuze is the top-rated web development bootcamp and coding school in the Orange County, Los Angeles, and Inland Empire area as well as the nation! The longest-running OC coding bootcamp, our 14-week full-stack development program teaches front-end and back-end subjects like JavaScript/jQuery, React, Node.js, PHP, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, Amazon Web Services, Git/GitHub, and others. Learn to solve problems, think like a programmer, and succeed in the fast-paced technology workplace.

The Starting Line

Starting Line

The prep class teaches the languages and technologies central to students entering the 14 week full immersion program. The LFZ Prep Course is offered before the start of each full immersion cohort. The classes utilize curated and proprietary materials to cover fundamental HTML, CSS and JavaScript as well as an introduction to GitHub and are part-time. Start with the LFZ Prep Course to begin your journey into the exciting world of Web Development!

The Education


The Intense Full Immersion and part time program have been constructed with employer input so as to provide the most cutting edge and in demand coding curriculum that allows students to learn efficiently and economically. Built by industry professionals with years of experience, students will be taken from zero to proficient building websites and web apps in a dynamic, real-world environment with JavaScript, React, Node, PHP, MySQL, and more!

The Support


The Post-Grad Job Support is led by recruiting professionals with experience in the tech industry. Given the success and longevity of the program, strong relationships have been established with numerous employers looking for the skills taught in the program. Career services is an integral part of the curriculum and ensures students have a high quality, polished portfolio, well honed interview and soft skills that prepare graduates to compete and secure a job in the technological marketplace as a software engineer.

The First Choice of Employers

Employers are not looking at traditional degree-based institutions for their new hires because they aren't producing skilled applicants fast enough. Speed is king in web development, and coding bootcamps are generating talented candidates in just a few months with considerably higher starting salaries. LearningFuze graduates continue to be sought after and hired by some of the most recognized brands and industry leaders in the nation.