Illuminating Creativity & Innovation For Digital Production

Illuminating Creativity & Innovation For Digital Production

By Jordan Kimura

Co-Founder Andrew Vergara from Super Toy Box came out to LearningFuze to discuss design and development with the cohort. Super Toy Box is a digital production company that specializes in creating vibrant and engaging websites, apps and experiences. Several companies they work with include BMW, Mitsubishi Motors, Toyota, and EA. Their captivating website has been honored with the 2015 CSS Award for design and development.

Former LearningFuze student Jamey Collins was originally working at Yard House as a server but knew that his true passion was in Web Development. He made the decision to enroll in LearningFuze’s Full-Immersion Bootcamp and shortly after completing the cohort, Jamey landed a job as a Full Stack Web Developer at Super Toy Box utilizing his skills in JavaScript, NodeJS, ReactJS and other frameworks. Jamey’s first project with the design and dev team was to develop a website for Akin Life that captured memories through pictures. The completed project can be viewed here:

What does Super Toy Box look for in the hiring process? They look for generalists, not masters. What really stands out in an applicant is if they have good logic, a sense of aesthetics, and a solid foundation in JavaScript. Having a solid foundation in JavaScript sets up the path to learning new languages and technologies. In addition and probably equally important is a thirst for learning and a culture fit at Super Toy Box.

At the conclusion of the presentation, Andrew shared a valuable quote about the future of web development. “Developers are in huge demand and the world is getting exponentially more technical. Developers are not dying out anytime soon. The world is becoming more digital but there has to have a human intuition and craft to it.” Well said, Andrew.

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