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Part-Time Instruction A Hit for Web Development

Orange County Business Journal provides a report on LearningFuze's Part Time Program, and how it is designed for working professionals who are looking to expand their skill-set.

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LearningFuze Launches Part-Time, Immersive Course

In an interview with Switchup, LearningFuze's Director of Operations Bill Cunningham sheds light on the reasoning behind founding a Part-Time program, and what students can expect in the curriculum.

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Why AppOnboard Hires From LearningFuze

Course Report sits down with AppOnboard's CTO Adam Piechowicz to discuss a LearningFuze alumni they have hired, and what factors influenced their choice to hire from LearningFuze.

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Newsweek - Careers In Code - Leading Coding Schools

Newsweek delivers an overview of the factors and services provided by LearningFuze that have led to it becoming the longest running coding bootcamp in Orange County, as well as the highest-rated coding bootcamp in the Los Angeles area.

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ROC Coder Develops His Skills With LearningFuze

LearningFuze Alumni Evan Lanning discusses his experience in his new development career working with Mobilize Solutions, and how his time at LearningFuze prepared him for the journey.

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The 51 Best Coding Bootcamps

LearningFuze is highlighted among the 51 best coding bootcamps in Course Report's yearly profile.