React 101

>_React 101 is for those that want to learn the practical skills of one of the world’s most popular JS frameworks!

  • Learn to utilize the framework created and supported by Facebook
  • Leverage the power of React to efficiently build dynamic websites and applications
  • Build and upgrade your software engineering skills by learning ES6
  • Do it part-time!

What is React 101?

React 101 is a 2-week, part-time (in-class) web development training program that focuses on the core skills important to efficiently build dynamic applications using the power of React.

Learn the popular and growing framework

React is rapidly being adopted by companies from new startups to large companies like Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox.

Upgrade your skills and accelerate your learning

Effective with IOS and Android. React tops the list as the most in-demand and fastest growing framework for developers in today's tech industry.

Gain knowledge from experienced developers

The course is taught by senior level developers with years of industy experience and expertise.

Technologies & Concepts Taught



Life Cycle Methods

Component Based Architecture


Course Features

This 2-week course has been designed to maximize learning around the core, fundamental concepts of React on a part-time basis.

Course Specifics:


In-Person Instruction

Students will maximize their experience and learning by having direct interaction with instructors steeped in the knowledge of React to efficiently learn how to build dynamic web sites and applications.

Access to LearningFuze Developed Education Materials

Students will have 24 hour access to recorded sessions, pre-recorded material and mini tasks through the LearningFuze student portal. Students will have the opportunity to build actual projects utilizing the React skills and knowledge acquired in the class.

Live Chat Support

Students are never truly alone, even when working after hours as the class will have its own chat room and question queue administered by an instructor. Students can ask questions, collaborate and work together throughout the week.



  • A laptop
  • 6 months commercial JS experience
  • 6 months JS OOP experience
  • Fundamental ES6 knowledge
  • Basic MVC (Model View Controller) knowledge
  • Must be at least 18 years old


  • Standard Cost: $695
  • Discount Available for Returning Full Immersion Students

Class Registration