Why Coding

Researchers project a continued web developer shortage nationwide well beyond 2020!

“It’s a great time to be in web development. The demand for talented developers is high and will continue to rise. If you stay hungry, curious and work hard, you’ll have a very long and successful career in this industry.”

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What The Alumni Are Saying...

The LearningFuze Experience

Intense Full Immersion

We have developed a curriculum that allows you to learn efficiently and quickly by coding full-time Monday-Friday for 10 weeks...

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Remote Training Period

Learn to code by doing rather than reading about it! We have curated specific materials, designed specific exercises and tasks...

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Post-Grad Job Support

We have established connections to employers as well as recruiters who need developers. Our post-program prepares you to compete in the marketplace with a polished portfolio of projects. We also work on those interview skills and soft skills that are vital in the workplace. In addition, you’ll have access to our alumni support network (Mentorship Program), aimed at securing you a job!

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