10 Front-End Design Tools To Get You Started

10 Front-End Design Tools To Get You Started

The kind of people who end up doing web development for a living are the same types of people who like to research answers, do their homework, and dive right in. Since you’re here, I’ll safely assume that you’re no different. So it’s obvious you’re interested in learning a thing or two about web design and/or development, but you’re wondering how you might dabble before going full-steam into a development bootcamp like ours?

Good news for you, here’s 10 free HTML and CSS tutorials, shortcuts, and tools to get you familiar with the basics and get you comfortable with structuring and designing simple webpages! Hopefully as you explore them, you’ll become more excited about the opportunities of web development and know whether or not you’d like to take the next step!


First start off with these awesome guides:


01. A practical guide to HTML and CSS, by Shay Howe


02. HTML Dog, guides to beginner – advanced HTML, CSS, and JavaScript


03. HTML Goodies, a comprehensive library of tutorials, walkthroughs, and tips.


04. W3schools, a website denoting universally accepted web standards


05. LearnLayout, a guide for effective/efficient CSS layout for your webpages.


06. HTML5 Cheat Sheet is a useful reference for HTML5 specific tags


Then, check out these time-saving tools and shortcuts:


07. CSS-Tricks has all types of useful and crafty CSS shortcuts


08. CSS Vocabulary highlights selectors when styling your CSS sheets.


09. CSS Lint is an amazing tool that cleans your CSS code of any redundancies.


10. Flex-Box is a time-saving CSS position tool


Bookmark these resources to begin building your workstation foundation, as you’ll be referring to these very often in your early development career. Once, you’re ready to take the next step, you’ll be ready to dive into our full-immersion bootcamp or one of our part-time courses.

Happy coding!

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