Month: August 2019

JavaScript continues in 2019 to be one of the top in demand languages as referenced in . It is estimated that JavaScript is used by 88% of all websites. That adds up to the fact that there is a great demand for JavaScript in the marketplace as it continues to be the most popular Read More

coding bootcamp

We’ve all been there. You make a big decision and then doubt starts to creep in. You start to panic. What if I am not prepared, what if I fall behind? While second thoughts are common in many decisions in life you can take steps to work through almost every roadblock and thrive with a Read More

Nicole fell in love with coding when she took some C++ and Python courses during her math degree. She attempted to teach herself the basics of software development, but wasn’t sure which topics to focus on, so enrolled in nearby coding bootcamp LearningFuze in Orange County, CA. Nicole tells us, how she balances her full-time job with Read More