3 Important Traits A Cutting-Edge Tech Company Looks For In A Web Developer. Do You Have Them?

3 Important Traits A Cutting-Edge Tech Company Looks For In A Web Developer. Do You Have Them?

By Jordan Kimura

Ad Exchange Group is an award winning company that focuses on marketing, advertising technology, and physical product e-commerce. Located in Irvine, California, they are partnered with companies such as Amazon Web Services, Facebook, and Cloudflare to name a few.

Recently Ad Exchange Group came out to talk with the LearningFuze students about software development and what they value in a developer. Here are some tips and topics that were covered in landing a developer role at Ad Exchange Group:

What does your company value in a developer?

There are a lot of different components we look for in a developer but the 3 important traits we look for are:

  1. Innovation – We will test to see if you can effectively collaborate with people and we don’t expect everyone to know everything. The way you critically think to solve problems and the ability to take the initiative are important to us.
  2. Playing to Win – We look for candidates who are problem solvers and know how to accomplish the end goal. The ability to focus on the deliverables are key.
  3. Culture Fit – There are plenty of qualified people in the tech industry but we also look for developers who are flexible, agile, and collaborative. The chemistry to work with different personalities and being considerate to other team members are important.

What technologies are most important to know at your company?

JavaScript and Node are what we are looking for in our developers.

How can I enhance my developer career?

By contributing to projects and being actively engaged in the dev community. It is also helpful to go to Meetups to build linkages.

Here’s the takeaway message – Setting realistic expectations and taking the initiative to communicate where you want to grow and learn will help separate you from the competition. Ad Exchange Group will help invest in your career goals if you stay humble and eager to grow. Go beyond what makes you feel safe and strengthen your legacy as a developer. Make it an epic one.

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