4 Key Traits to Becoming a Great Developer

4 Key Traits to Becoming a Great Developer

By Jordan Kimura

Ever since Chasen Le Hara was a teenager he was fascinated by web pages and how they functioned and displayed. After college he worked as a Software Engineer at Internet Connectivity Group with LearningFuze’s Director of Technology, Eric Johnson. Chasen is currently a Software Engineer at Bitovi, a company that helps businesses design and develop effective apps.

Chasen shared 4 key components of what it takes to become a great developer from his own experience with the LearningFuze cohort and Meetup members.

  1. Curiosity – Exploration is super valuable and the ability to release your inner kid to ask the pivotal questions is key in growing as a developer. Build, build, and keep building on those skills. Having a project that you are passionate about will help ingrain those coding concepts and will also show your enthusiasm and innovation.
  2. Communication – Ask questions to show your interest and curiosity in the project. Coding is the opposite of getting away with murder, meaning the more evidence left behind the better. Here are some important lessons on communicating your code effectively:
    • Provide clear names to your variables and functions
    • Document well so your team can be on the same page
    • Write good comments so your code doesn’t look completely foreign when coming back to it in 6 months
    • Keep your issue tracker up to date
  3. Accountability – Taking responsibility and ownership of your code is imperative because it builds integrity, a valuable quality. Taking ownership of your mistakes, learning from them, and helping others avoid mistakes builds trust and character. Learning how to estimate time in the dev environment is crucial; the ability to break things down in a realistic time frame helps with effective collaboration among team members and the company.
  4. Helping Others – This is the biggest attribute in differentiating yourself as a Jr. Developer. Supporting your co-workers and sharing what you have learned is inspiring and fosters intellectual stimulation.

In conclusion, the 4 key traits of Curiosity, Communication, Accountability, and Helping Others are some of the secret ingredients to becoming a great developer! The LearningFuze community thanks Chasen Le Hara from Bitovi for the motivational talk.

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