4 Ways To Shine In The Web Development Interview

4 Ways To Shine In The Web Development Interview

By Jordan Kimura

You’ve landed that Web Developer Interview, now is the time to stand out and land that job. The Hart team came out to talk with the LearningFuze community about the interview process and 4 ways to stand out. A medical software company, Hart believes in empowering people to become more aware of what matters most in the marketplace.

    1. Excellent online presence

We are in the digital age and digital footprints are everywhere! Be aware of all of your social media profiles that companies can view. Having a solid project portfolio is your opportunity to showcase your persona and skill-sets. Here are some key points:

      • Ensure you have a Github account with up-to-date contributions with no spelling errors
      • Have a professional photo on LinkedIn and Github
      • Keep the resume to 1 page
      • Working on a team project is fine but outline your specific duties
    1. Technical skills

Technical skill are important but Hart also looks for values they can measure. Hart (and many companies) have a team-oriented environment; so they consider the whole person. Culture fit is big! They embrace having a focus, whether that is Front-End or Back-End Development. If you are going for a Front-End Developer role, ensure that your projects are aesthetically appealing and effectively engages the user.

    1. Connect and reach out

Communicating with people everyday is vital for any job so the more you can connect with people, the bigger the advantage you will have. Find creative ways to get out and meet people and help others which will ultimately lead to opportunities in the marketplace.

    1. Look for a job that makes you happy

This is a defining time in your career. It is a time for self-reflection and to really dig deep and be honest on what values are most important to you. What are your passions? Are you willing to do what it takes to obtain the skills in web development? How far are you willing to commute? What kind of projects do you enjoy working on in your free time? These are all possible questions to ponder in defining your work values.

The world of Web Development has unlimited possibilities and can be very rewarding. Following your passions, building projects, and staying current will let your enthusiasm shine in the interview process with the goal of a fulfilling career in Web Development.

Thanks to the Hart team for their time and insight!

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