August 2016 Hackathon – The Winning Team is…

August 2016 Hackathon – The Winning Team is…

By Jordan Kimura

We just held our August 2016 Hackathon for the Full-Immersion Bootcamp! The objective for the students was to effectively collaborate to develop a fully functional app or game utilizing JavaScript, HTML, CSS and at least 3 external resources via AJAX requests.

Over the course of 2 days, the Fuzers had a total of 16 hours to complete their team projects to deliver innovation, creativity and logic in the presentations.

The judging panel critiqued the team projects based on visual appeal, innovation, code quality, issue tracking, user experience, and presentation skills. With that said, we are excited to announce the winning team of the August 2016 Hackathon!

And 1st place goes to team….

? 1st place: Team Nicholas & the Party People

– Developed by Nicholas, Dan, Elizabeth, and Kyle! View Project

Team Nicholas & the Party People

The winning team won a private tour to Blizzard Entertainment! Overall, there was great dedication, collaboration and hard work put into each team project so congrats to everyone!!

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