Big Rentz Tour, A Short Break From a 17 Hour Hackathon

Big Rentz Tour, A Short Break From a 17 Hour Hackathon

By Jordan Kimura

The Cohort enjoyed a grand tour of Irvine-based BigRentz, the world’s largest online heavy equipment rental network, led by CTO Liam Stannard. A seasoned executive with over 20 years of experience, Liam has been writing code for over 33 years, 25 of those professionally. He also provided valuable insight on entering and thriving as a software developer and what BigRentz specifically looks for in applicants.

The environment at BigRentz is lively, collaborative, fun as well as focused, where every turn reveals a surprise from the neon lobby to the wall of inspiring words. The lunchroom is a fun-filled arena where one can play games such as Street Fighter or Ping Pong while relaxing. At BigRentz, it is all about fitting into the workplace culture while focusing on the code; employees enjoy being involved with knowing the product line, bonding with co-workers and being a part of a growing company.

As it pertains to Liam’s advice on the job search, the first look of what an applicant brings to the table is first and foremost the resume. It is imperative to make it concise and to include important details such as accomplishments, portfolio links showcasing key projects, GitHub profile that is organized and professional and personalizing what is presented. There are so many opportunities at BigRentz in Product Management, Software Engineer, Sales and Design. LearningFuze alumni Adrian Nieto shared his passion for coding as a Software Engineer at Big Rentz as well, which certainly gave the visiting cohort a taste for the opportunities available at the end of the full-immersion bootcamp.

LearningFuze would like to thank BigRentz for an insightful look at what makes the company so successful, their company culture and what they are seeking in potential applicants. Taking a break from their 16-hour Hackathon, the Cohort enjoyed getting out there to see developers at work and how their growing coding knowledge will open doors to a new career very soon.

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