Cirruspath Presents at LearningFuze!

Cirruspath Presents at LearningFuze!

Ryan Huff, the CEO of Cirruspath, graciously offered his time to come to the LearningFuze facility to address the students about his company, the world of web development and the art of pursuing employment at the conclusion of the program.

Cirruspath developed Cirrus Insight, a sales productivity solution for salespeople to be able to integrate email with Salesforce. When connecting Salesforce to Gmail for instance it allows users to save e-mails directly to Salesforce, see customer context in Gmail, track emails with real-time notifications, sync Google calendar and contacts to Salesforce, use Salesforce templates in Gmail and the list goes on! The company has been quite the success as it has grown rapidly over the course of the last four years by providing a solution that has filled a tangible need in the marketplace.

In addition to bringing some serious SWAG (thanks for the t-shirts and sweatshirts) to share with the students at the conclusion of the presentation, Ryan provided valuable insight into what Cirruspath looks for in a candidate in the interview process and how ability is evaluated. An important aspect of their interview process to uncover top talent is through a “test” or assessment that is provided to candidates around interpreting code. The idea being to understand if candidates can think programmatically, work collaboratively and think on the fly. In addition, for Ryan another clear indication of the type of developer they pursue is whether developers construct projects on the side or on their own time. Definitely an indication of a passion for coding! Ryan’s presentation was certainly engaging as he provided several anecdotes that illustrated the passion and skill of his Dev team.

Greatly appreciate Ryan spending his evening at the LearningFuze facility with the students. He was very supportive and encouraged the students to pursue coding and to keep going with their education as the market is in serious need of new talent. We are also appreciative of the perspective he provided as he clearly recognized the important role that LearningFuze and other bootcamps play in helping students acquire the skills to pursue their dreams as a web developer.

Thanks again to Ryan and look forward to having him back to address future students!

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