Codazen Addresses LearningFuze Graduates!

Codazen Addresses LearningFuze Graduates!

Thanks to Codazen and Katie Sexton, the Director of Operations, for visiting the recent graduating developers from the spring cohort to talk a little about the company, the need for developers, what they look for in great candidates and the best employees.

Codazen is a custom software development and consulting firm located in the heart of the Irvine tech world that specializes in full stack web technologies including React JS and Angular JS, UI/UX design and more. They work with some of the largest tech companies in the market such as Kelley Blue Book and Oculus. Suffice it to say if a company has development needs Codazen provides it from inception to delivery with the necessary support for clients. Developers work in a lean, Agile environment to ensure products are produced with input from those that are closest to the project to ultimately meet the vision of clients.

Katie provided valuable insight into the Codazen hiring process and what they look for in top quality candidates. It was comforting for the students to hear that the bootcamp focuses on the soft skills as well as the technical skills to best prepare them for opportunities like Codazen offers in the market.  If candidates are prepared to take a technical assessment, understand how to effectively answer behavioral interviewing questions and have done their homework to succeed in the tech portion of the interview they will have good shot of competing for a position. All of those facets are covered in the LearningFuze full immersion program.

So what is Codazen looking for in a top quality candidate? As is the case with any position and especially a Jr level developer position it is important that candidates demonstrate a willingness to learn and a continuous learning mentality. Certainly something LearningFuze graduates have in spades given the commitment and sacrifice they have made and their recent success in completing the bootcamp. Obviously an important attribute to possess is demonstrating a strong technical foundation. No better way to do this than to have a compelling and completed project along with an ability to articulate key programming concepts. Candidates also need to have a passion for development and that means continuing to learn and code after the conclusion of the bootcamp and to stay up to date on the latest technology trends (Tech Crunch, Wired, Hacker News). If you possess a great attitude, a penchant for constant change in a fast paced environment and an entrepreneurial spirit than Codazen may just be the ticket!

Thanks to Katie and her team for coming to the LearningFuze facility to address the students and provide insight into the success of Codazen and what they are looking for in the best developers.


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