Coding Bootcamp: LearningFuze Demo Day June 2019

Coding Bootcamp: LearningFuze Demo Day June 2019

It had been quite some time since someone in Orange County heard the words LearningFuze Demo Day spoken out loud in the same sentence. If the archives are correct the last Demo Day was held around August of 2015. Looking back it’s amazing to see how far those alumni have come since presenting to employers in those early days of the program. Over the past 4 years LearningFuze has grown to include a 6,000 sq foot facility, 15 staff members, and both Full Time as well as Part-Time Coding Classes.  


With that growth came limited availability and bandwidth for events on campus. Our focus on crafting the curriculum to meet employer needs as well as adding classes that fit into a working Southern Californian’s life meant our facility has turned it up a notch. We needed to get creative, turning to our community and employer partners. 


This past week, with the help of WeWork, LearningFuze hosted its first Irvine Demo Day of 2019! 

After 12 weeks of honing their HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node, MySQL, PHP, and other technical skills. Powering through 9 Career Service Presentations from someone who oddly enjoys the job search process, 2 mock interviews, and 2 whiteboard presentations. And building over 8 different applications, culminating in a final project that some past employers have called “mouth watering” (checkout Taco Bout It and the party that was thrown at Scorpion to celebrate the app). It was now time to put their technical and soft skills to the test in front of local Orange County businesses. 

We were lucky enough to be joined by Developers, Designers, VPs, Managers, and Consultants from some of the top tech companies in OC. Kelley Blue Book represented the automotive industry, Mentor Global Consultants brought blockchain knowledge, Verys shared feedback from the custom development space, and Veritone asked questions to see how graduates might fit into their AI solutions. I was lucky enough to chat with a few employers that enjoyed the science-fair style format as well as passion for coding they heard from each student. There was a downside, as it got a bit noisy when employers and students were all energetically talking about the applications. (Note to self, can get loud)

A successful Demo Day is one that leads to student interviews and hires, which I’m confident it will, but more importantly there were a few takeaways that I, and the team at LearningFuze are excited about!


  1. Our students are absolute rockstars and we are so proud of how far they’ve come since they first set foot on campus whether for an Info Session, Admissions Interview, or just to say hi to a friend in the course. 
  2. Without our employer partners and continued feedback over these 5 years we could not be in the position we are today. Thank you for the good, sometimes tough, but most importantly, honest feedback
  3. WeWork really knows how to host an event! Caroline and the team over at WeWork Spectrum were such a pleasure to work with. 
  4. Demo Days can be difficult, often stressful, and such fun events to host. Note to self – grab some beers next time. 
  5. We will be doing more Demo Days this year throughout Orange County! Keep an eye out for a LearningFuze Demo Day in a city near you. Newport Beach Demo Day has a nice ring to it and would likely have some impressive views. 

I look forward to seeing you at our next Demo Day and should you have any questions or wish to stay updated about program events like this please email me –




TJ Kinion

Program Manager and Career Services Director


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