Coding Bootcamp: LearningFuze Demo Day October 2019

Coding Bootcamp: LearningFuze Demo Day October 2019

By: TJ Kinion- Program Manager

As we head into the final quarter of 2019 there aren’t many people left that haven’t heard of a coding bootcamp. We are gateways to roles that previously seemed inaccessible, yet most knew could lead to satisfying careers. A quick google search of “coding bootcamp” brings up cautionary tales filled with people talking about their journey during and after the program. It is often the post program job search where bootcamp students go from starry-eyed developers that were promised salaries and jobs to wandering with limited guidance through the murky waters of a job search. Here at LearningFuze we take pride in our industry-leading Career Services and for that reason have embraced Demo Days, another of which happened just last week.  

At our 3rd Demo Day of the year, we once again had students showcasing their portfolios, projects, GitHubs, and even LinkedIn profiles to local employers. With such high-quality students, it’s no surprise that within 12 hours of the event ending we had employers scheduling interviews for the following week. The ultimate goal of any Demo Day is to help students land jobs; we are excited to see this process already getting started but were also impressed by the way the students carried themselves all evening. 

I may be biased when I say this, but our students are truly special. They are dynamic problem solvers that bring maturity and a set of critical thinking skills often lacking in entry-level employees. This was on display last week as students dressed for success walked employers through their projects like a Senior Engineer, and displayed a passion for coding that any good manager looks for on their team. 

We look forward to more Demo Days, closer connections with our community, and most importantly helping our graduates land jobs. If you are a local employer that has Web Developer needs please don’t hesitate to reach out. With the largest alumni network in Orange County, we are able to help with not just entry level developer roles but also mid and senior level roles. Our next Demo Day will be just around the corner but with classes graduating every 6 weeks we have a constant supply of high-quality developers. 

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