Cohort 5: The First 2 Weeks In-Class!

Cohort 5: The First 2 Weeks In-Class!

The last cohort marked our first full yearly cycle of graduating market-ready coders (wow!) with fantastic results, and now LearningFuze is accelerating at lightning speed to keep up with market demand with a disruptive new learning model that has finally gained recognition for its ability to carve out battle ready developers in 3 months!

We thought we’d share some snippets from our 5th and largest cohort so far and even showcase a project from one of our students. The program is segmented into 3 weeks of full-time remote training, and 9 weeks full-time training which is spent in-class here at our LearningFuze facility.

We are halfway through week 2 in-class and here’s what we’ve been up to:


Machines don’t “think” like humans, they take VERY specific instructions, so we like to break off into a simple yet very powerful activity to re-calibrate how our students think. The purpose of the game is to give EXACT (ridiculously precise for humans) instructions to your team member (“The Robot”) to stack all the cups while their eyes are closed.

Teams were timed to see how quickly they can accurately figure out both the level of specificity and precision of their instructions. The team that stacks the cups the fastest wins!



Project Based Learning:

Transitioning into JavaScript students begin by interacting with the DOM and slowly adding logic to their programs. We wanted to share one of our students’ project from the end of the first week in-class.


trevorTrevor Linan is one of our current students in the 5th cohort, he was a philosophy major at Cypress College before deciding he needed to get into something he can really sink his hands into that will challenge him and he will love doing as a profession.

Well, we can say he’s caught the programming bug very quickly here in week 2 and wanted to share his version of the Card Memory Match game (can be played in Chrome) here:

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