Creating Real Products & Solutions – Demo Day Recap

Creating Real Products & Solutions – Demo Day Recap

This past Tuesday we were happy to bring together current students, past graduates, and employers for our quarterly Demo Day. Students who graduated only a couple of weeks ago presented their final personal projects and talked about their background and experience in the Full-Immersion Coding Bootcamp.

Coding is challenging but in the end a ton of fun! We already know that putting in extraordinary effort towards a dedicated goal produces the best results in any endeavor, especially learning. It can be best described as Passion!

But believe it or not, our students, and people in general, don’t just wake up one day with passion for coding and technology – that would just be weird. Passion is the result of overcoming a collection of failures, experiences, and consequently attaining a degree of success that resonates with the individual and their life goals.

Everyone can identify areas or things in their own lives that can be better, or A LOT better! We train towards solving problems and thinking like a programmer.   The emphasis in the program is to bring out the best performance by training students to solve real world problems utilizing technology and ultimately bring a concept to reality.

This is a very difficult thing to accomplish, but eventually our students put a much deeper effort into their projects as they own them from inception to completion so that it truly reflects what they are trying to accomplish and their vision – that really can only be done by having a passion for development!

The Demo Day was a time of recognition for what our LearningFuze graduates had accomplished, and the reward was each student having a unique idea brought to life by their own hands (literally): from a social camping discovery/review web app, to an app that calculates how much your waiter should be tipped based on consistent service/reviews and provides restaurants real-time data feedback.  The ideas were remarkable and that is the value of discovering passion.

We are excited for the graduates who have already found jobs and those who soon will, it is a great journey and this is only the beginning!

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