Dahmian Owen from Blizzard visits LearningFuze!

Dahmian Owen from Blizzard visits LearningFuze!


Dahmian is a lead software engineer at Blizzard and manages a growing team of developers. He provided valuable insight into his career path and passion for development as well as tips on just what it takes to succeed as a developer and land the dream job.

Dahmian had an interest in web development from an early age and immersed himself in the coding world by automating pretty much anything he could get his hands on, whether that was content of his Algebra class or the accounting for a start-up company early in his career. He quickly saw the opportunity in the market as well as the chance to implement his coding skills in a commercial environment so he decided to quit college and code full time! After working for a Biotech company and yes a tile company he eventually landed at Blizzard. Dahmian is truly a success story as he learned coding through trial and error and on the job at a time when there were not the resources that are available today such as coding bootcamps and online training.

It is not enough to simply land a job as a developer that is of course only the starting point. It is the same mentality that best have at any endeavor. With sports as an analogy (there’s a new one), those that become the best at professional basketball, baseball or any sport for that matter understand that getting into the league is just the first step to becoming successful. The best approach their craft with determination, passion and a continuous learning mindset. Dahmian shared some important tips on what it takes to succeed as a web developer:

  • Always be passionate about development and open to learning
  • Always position yourself to solve problems in any organization
  • Never be the smartest guy in the room and look for mentors
  • It is a smart choice to specialize in development around a specific language or technology
  • Learn from other peoples code
  • Learn to be a great communicator as well as developer
  • Look for patterns in people as well as code
  • Ensure other developers can read and understand your code

Thanks to Dahmian for coming to the site to share his experience and provide guidance on what to keep top of mind to be one of the best in the industry! He is certainly an example to aspiring developers and look forward to having him back for future cohorts.



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