From the Classroom to Your Dream Job: LearningFuze’s Coding Bootcamp Job Placement

From the Classroom to Your Dream Job: LearningFuze’s Coding Bootcamp Job Placement

Did you know that software development is one of the fastest growing job markets in the United States with an average salary of over $100k per year? This exciting sector is quickly becoming a favorite career path for tech savvy individuals across the country because of its job security and high earning potential.

If you’re considering pursuing a career in the booming tech industry, there are several things you might be considering. These might include:

  • How long will it take me to learn to code?
  • What’s the best way to learn this skill?
  • How long will it take me to find a coding job?
  • What kinds of careers can I choose as a coder?

If you’re asking yourself these questions, then there is great news for you! All of these concerns, plus some you maybe haven’t thought of yet, can be addressed with a coding bootcamp.

There are many coding bootcamps out there that make extravagant promises but rarely have the resources to deliver. Some promise an education with no upfront cost, as long as you promise to pay them a percentage of your earnings for a certain amount of time.

Others will assure you that finding a new coding career is quick and effortless when you sign up for their course.

And some swear by their curriculum while churning out students who are unprepared for the job market they’re hoping to break into.

Before choosing the right coding bootcamp for you and your future, it’s important to research potential programs thoroughly and find out what kind of impact each one has had on its students. Also, take a look at their websites to see if they are able to provide proof of the results they are promising.

A coding bootcamp that delivers real results will be fully transparent about the success of their alumni, and the alumni will be excited to talk about their achievements with prospective students. And let’s be real here; by achievements we mean lasting and lucrative careers in the coding industry.

One of the most meaningful ways that a coding bootcamp program can help you find your new career is with coding bootcamp job placement, but not every job placement program is the same. So let’s talk about the benefits of coding bootcamp job placement with LearningFuze.

Who Is LearningFuze?

LearningFuze is an educational institution that is dedicated to providing students with practical skills that will prepare them for the job market. At LearningFuze, we focus on the core competencies that students actually need to be successful in their careers, and we teach these skills through a combination of hands-on learning and an intuitive curriculum that anyone can grasp, no matter their level of experience.

LearningFuze was started in 2014 to address the growing need for tech professionals in the coding, data science, web development, and UI/UX sectors. We believe that the best way to learn these valuable skills is through actual experience, which is why we incorporate real-world projects into our training courses, allowing students to graduate the program with a substantial portfolio to share with potential employers.

When it comes to new students, we take an approach of total transparency and let our results speak for themselves. Or we let our extensive body of graduates do the talking for us!

LearningFuze’s Coding Bootcamp Job Placement

When it comes to tech-related bootcamps, job placement is one of the most important services that students look for when choosing a program, but that’s not the only reason why LearningFuze places such a strong emphasis on this aspect of our coding bootcamp.

We take our coding bootcamp job placement services a step further than other coding bootcamps because we care about our students’ success. This is the driving factor behind our efforts to create lasting relationships with employers who return to us over and over in search of motivated and qualified coders.

Here are some of the benefits of our coding bootcamp job placement program.

High Rate of Employment upon Completion

The vast majority of students who take full advantage of our coding bootcamp job placement services (about 94% to be exact) find employment within 6 months of graduating. Furthermore, our graduates will have access to our coding bootcamp job placement services for as long as they need them. When you choose LearningFuze, you’re a member for life!

Lifetime Access to Our Platform

When we say that our students are members for life, we mean it. All of our graduates will continue to have access to the learning materials from the courses they have completed, in case they ever need to revisit certain topics to brush up on their skills.

Additionally, graduates will have access to materials from other courses, either for free or for a nominal fee, and UI/UX program graduates can enroll in the first module of the coding bootcamp for free.

Largest Network of Employers

This is probably the most important aspect of our coding bootcamp job placement services, and it’s a big reason why the program has been such a fantastic success. In truth, we actually can’t keep up with the demand for graduates from our program, and some students have received job offers even before completing our coding bootcamp. That’s how much employers love our students!

We have a network of over 300 employers from around the Los Angeles, Orange County, and Inland Empire areas, but that doesn’t always mean you need to be from one of those areas to find a job within our employer network. In many cases, remote employment opportunities are available for the right candidates.

We Help You Find the Right Job for You

Every student will tend to gravitate towards certain areas more than others, and we take this into account when helping you find a job. We don’t just try to help you find a high-paying job – we want you to find a job you’ll love!

That’s why our coding bootcamp job placement services will look at what areas you excel in and what you enjoyed most about your learning experience. Because the coding industry is so diverse and because we have such a large network of employers, we are confident that we’ll be able to connect you with the right employer to help you find your dream job.

Your Future Is in Your Hands

We understand that every student has their own reasons for enrolling in a coding bootcamp, and job placement might not be for everyone. In some cases, students may already have a job, and they simply want to further their education to get a better-paying job with their current employer.

Other students might want to take some courses for their own personal development or try to find a job on their own. Whatever the case might be, you are in no way obligated to participate in our coding bootcamp job placement program.

However, as we mentioned previously, you will have access to these services for life, so they’ll always be there if you change your mind in the future!

Why You Should Choose LearningFuze

In addition to our UI/UX and coding bootcamp job placement services, choosing LearningFuze offers many other benefits that will prepare you for your future career.

Our Courses Are Taught by Real Professionals

When you choose LearningFuze, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with seasoned experts who have extensive knowledge of the fields they are teaching. Learning from experienced professionals is an important aspect of the education process, especially in the realm of technology. This allows you to benefit from their experience and gain practical insights into the job field where you will be working.

In addition to learning from real professionals, you’ll also be learning from a curriculum that has been developed by them as well. Because our curriculum has been developed by individuals who have spent years working in tech, the material you will be presented is commensurate with the actual skills you need to develop to be successful in your career.

Real-World Curriculum

Although we have mentioned it in passing already, we want to drive this point home because it is one of the most important aspects of our program. LearningFuze’s curriculum is designed to teach you practical and applicable skills that you will be able to take directly from the classroom to the job market.

Our courses take all of the information we have gathered over decades of combined experience and distill everything into what you actually need to know. This results in a faster and more condensed learning experience that bypasses the unnecessary fluff and focuses solely on the knowledge you need.

Flexible Course Schedules

We know that many of our students already have demanding schedules, with jobs, families, and other responsibilities, and not everyone will be able to attend their coding bootcamp full-time. That’s why LearningFuze offers part-time learning opportunities for those who can’t fit a full-time syllabus into their schedule.

In LearningFuze’s part-time coding bootcamp, the same material from the full-time class is broken down into separate modules, with each module focusing on a particular area of the overall curriculum. Because of our part-time coding bootcamp’s modular approach, students have more flexibility for finishing the program over an extended period of time. Modules can be completed back to back, or students can finish each module and return to complete the next one whenever their schedule permits.

LearningFuze also provides in-person and online learning options for all of our courses, which means our classes are available for students across the country. This is also a great option for those who live in the Orange County area but might not be able to attend in-person due to scheduling conflicts and/or the frequent traffic jams on the 5 and the 405.

Low Student to Teacher Ratio

Programs with a high student to teacher ratio are often unable to provide the amount of attention that students need to be successful in their studies, especially for students who are attending full-time.

Although our courses are designed to be intuitive and straightforward, they are intensive and dense in material. Having a low student to teacher ratio allows our instructors to give each student the attention they need to fully understand each concept as it is presented.

Engaging Student Community

Here at LearningFuze, you will be able to communicate and collaborate with other students in online forums and at your in-person classes. This allows students to provide each other with feedback and answer each other’s questions, ultimately enriching the learning experience for everyone involved.

Students will also be able to participate in events where they can learn from speakers who are currently working in the technology industry. By sharing their experiences, speakers can give students a realistic idea of what it will be like to work in their new careers, and students will have the opportunity to ask questions about topics that are important to them and are pertinent to their goals.

No Previous Experience Required

Our courses are designed to teach students from the ground up, which means that virtually anyone who is familiar with using computers will be able to master the concepts and practices we teach.

Our philosophy is one of deliberate practice. We believe that the best way for anyone to learn is through hands-on experience, and this belief is the primary focus of how we have developed and continue to update our programs.

Your New Career Starts with LearningFuze

Since we first started, LearningFuze has quickly become one of the most highly-rated coding and UI/UX bootcamps in Southern California. Because of our practical approach geared toward student success, we consistently prepare students to become successful professionals in the evolving tech industry.

Our commitment to quality and practical education is evidenced by our massive network of tech employers who regularly come back to us to find candidates from our promising talent pool. If you are trying to find the right coding bootcamp to help you reach your goals, we would love to provide you with additional information about how LearningFuze is making a difference in the lives of aspiring tech professionals.
Feel free to give us a call or send us a message by visiting this page!

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