Guest Speaker #6 Young Joon Cha from OnDemandKorea

Guest Speaker #6 Young Joon Cha from OnDemandKorea

We were pleased to have Young Joon Cha from OnDemandKorea (ODK) guest-speak for us last week.  Young is Managing Director of a company that has enjoyed outstanding growth since its inception.  ODK is an online video streaming service tailored to the Korean market.

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He presented to us the history, culture and future of ODK as well as the opportunity for those interested in working for a successful and fast growing company.

Here are just a few stats Young provided around the performance of ODK:

  • Over 800K total unique visitors
  • 3M viewers per month
  • 13K total hours of content available
  • 25% of the total unique visitors came within the past six weeks, demonstrating extraordinary growth
  • An equivalent of 342 years have been “spent” on the site
  • Everything has been accomplished to date with almost no marketing budget.  Growth has primarily come from word of mouth and simply demand for the service.
  • Young built the business from the ground up with his partner and is a true “garage to success” story!

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It is important for us to develop a lean, productive and motivational environment.  So we have a need for developers that can communicate across the organization whether to other developers or business-oriented positions.

The organization has fostered a solutions-oriented environment where employees not only identify issues to be solved, but are asked to provide possible solutions.  It is important in such a fast-growing company that everyone is proactive and a self-starter.

We have an unwritten policy of encouraging business-oriented employees and developers to lunch together to foster familiarity and collaboration.

Developers have the opportunity to join an organization that is growing quickly where they can learn new skills.  One developer, for example, is now in charge of managing the servers, expanding his experience in knowledge further into the IT realm.  This type of cross-training is encouraged at OnDemandKorea, and offers great opportunities for employees for career growth and adding skill-sets.

OnDemandKorea is poised to enter additional markets and is looking for developers that have a commitment and passion for their craft.

We thank Young Joon Cha for giving his valuable time speaking to our cohort and look forward to inviting him again in the future.

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