How Procrastination Can Kill You

How Procrastination Can Kill You

Far too often, people limit their own potential by over analyzing all the various pathways to success.  Some that graduate high school worry too much about getting into the “perfect” college- a year later, they’re still not enrolled.  Many graduate college and worry about about landing “the right job.”  Four to six grueling years in university has convinced them to settle for no less than “x amount” for starting salary or “this and that” for the working environment.  Alas, two years later, they’re still unemployed.

There are also many people out there working in dead-end careers, making just enough to keep them hooked – it’s enough to pay the bills and a bit extra, but the job allows no intrinsic value or creativity, and they may have already plateaued their earning potential.  These people go online at night or search the newspaper in the morning and browse jobs in entirely different careers – allowing themselves to be tantalized by the possibility of a new beginning in a work environment that better suits their personality and innate talents and desires.  They’re looking for a  new start with creative possibility, great earning potential, and personal freedoms.  And yet, again, these people are too “boxed in” like the others, letting themselves settle for the status quo for fear of the risk of change which is riddled with doubt and fear.

Procrastination Flowchart
Procrastination Flowcharts for Dummies

To be clear, doubt and fear are absolutely natural human emotions.  In the early days of man, they fostered the process of reason, problem-solving, and risk-aversion.  These and other instincts kept the human race alive.  They still can be useful emotions today. However, inhibition, anxiety, and procrastination are also naturally occurring human emotions.  Unlike doubt and fear, though, they are not causes, but rather effects – effects of doubt and fear.  These three emotions are what halt innovation, creativity, and productivity dead in their tracks.  They are like hundred-pound sacks of dirt – each one of them – and lugging them around while trying to produce is akin to pushing boulders up a mountain.  Notwithstanding, people evidently still try to trudge along towards their goals and dreams while they carry these burdensome weights.

Procrastination Slows You Down.
An Accurate Representation of the Effects of Procrastination

So what’s the problem?  Possibly the biggest factor is the recent (and rather long-lasting) economic downturn and high unemployment rate.  Whether or not people wanted to switch careers/study into a field that would afford them more creativity, salary, and growth potential, – it didn’t matter – those with jobs kept them for the sake of job security and many high school and college graduates immediately took what work they could get.  Job supply was low and in demand.  During the past half decade, when unemployment topped 10%,  it was normal to be paranoid, anxious, and cautious.  However, these normal emotions continue to cause immense stagnation in many Americans in the form of discouragement, inhibition, and – ultimately – procrastination.  Even with the job and real estate markets rebounding, and banks relaxing loans and credit lines, you still have people too worried to take the next crucial step towards a happier and more fulfilling future.

Do you want a solid, in-demand career that fosters creativity?  Are you an entrepreneur or dream of being self-employed?

If you are a high school or college graduate (or haven’t finished college yet), or are thinking about switching careers, then don’t let procrastination or inhibition stop you from making the best move of your life.  If you have a creative instinct and enjoy finding solutions to real-world problems, then a career in web development could be just what the doctor ordered.  There is currently a huge demand for capable web developers and, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for web developers will greatly outpace the average demand of all other occupations in the United States.

How you can become a certifiable web developer

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LearningFuze Certificate
Our graduates receive Certificates of Completion

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Don’t Let Procrastination or Inhibition Get the Best of You

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