How To Thrive in the Tech Industry

How To Thrive in the Tech Industry

By Jordan Kimura

Nicholas Pardon, President of Restoration Media, actively engaged the cohort during his recent visit to LearningFuze. Irvine-based Restoration Media just celebrated their 15th anniversary. With talented developers and data scientists, they are a leader in building customer-focused brands for the web. Nicholas’s presentation of “How To Thrive in the Tech Industry” was filled with captivating insights on how to obtain longevity in the ever-changing tech world.

Long-term success in the tech industry requires an inquisitive mind.

  1. Ask a ton of questions.
  2. Culture fit is important. Understand the overall goal of the company/project/team.
  3. Challenge the idea. When one challenges an idea, there is improvement. There are always problems to be fixed, new data and new opportunities.
  4. It’s about teamwork. Make the choice to be an active and passionate member of the tech industry. Be open to new ways of operating and a new culture.
  5. This is a fascinating time because technology is rapidly moving forward. It is time when being a visionary and an idea person leads to exciting developments.

Given bold and innovative visions, developers are the powerhouses that turn those visions into reality. Talented developers embrace learning and expanding their craft. They bring concepts to life and are always improving the efficiency of their products. The applications development world is exploding at a rapid rate and so are the skillsets and job opportunities. With new languages and technology constantly emerging, the edge goes to those who have inquisitive minds and the drive to continue learning.

The opportunities in technology and web development abound if you are willing to take the steps to gain the skills to be a part of it all! It is takes passion, guts and a mindset to always be learning so that you are ready to take advantage when opportunities present themselves.

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