Joshua Credits His Success To Dedication And Utilizing All The Resources LearningFuze Has To Offer

Joshua Credits His Success To Dedication And Utilizing All The Resources LearningFuze Has To Offer

Joshua Byun recently graduated from LearningFuze’s Full Immersion Bootcamp and successfully transitioned into his first Web Development job at Tireco, Inc. He mentioned that the Bootcamp was the most rewarding experience he has ever had and credits his success to dedication and utilizing all the resources LearningFuze has to offer.

What was your coding experience prior to the Bootcamp?

I took free web development courses at Codecademy and Udacity for 3 months.

How was the job search?

My job search began after completing my portfolio. The goal was to incorporate everything that I have learned from the course into my work. It took me a few weeks to prepare my portfolio and it was then reviewed and approved by the LearningFuze team.

My schedule during my search was very simple. Study and apply – I spent about 4-5 hours in the morning applying and an additional 4-5 hours in the afternoon just studying with a focus on JavaScript.

At first, I was very anxious and worried if I would receive any calls from companies with my experience. I received my first call only a few days after I started applying and then it started coming in like a chain reaction. I submitted about 130 applications over about a month and received about 10 calls. Which was very promising considering my understanding of the response rates in other industries.

It was stressful when you are applying to jobs, preparing for interviews, and studying at the same time. But if you don’t give up and keep pushing through it, there will be a good news at the end with a career in which you are passionate.

Can you share how one of your interviews went?

My first technical phone interview was a learning experience but yet very helpful. It became my guideline for future interviews on how to best prepare. The interviewer asked me a lot of fundamental questions. That’s when I learned some of my weaknesses in how to effectively explain what I knew and decided to go back to some of the basics. In the end, going back to basics really helped me as a developer in general, and certainly enabled me to land a position.

What languages do you utilize in your job?

HTML, CSS, Sass, JavaScript, BackBone.js, Handlebars.js, FreeMarker

How was your LearningFuze experience in the Full Immersion Bootcamp?

It was tough and sometimes stressful from all kinds of new learning, deadlines and pressure. Yet, it’s the most rewarding experience I’ve ever had!

Teachers were there to help whenever I needed them, and students were there to support me, not to compete. Every day I hit a wall full of challenges, but I quickly learned how to overcome them.

I learned how to learn on my own and break problems into smaller pieces to solve them. Most importantly, I gained self-confidence. Now, I am confident that I can solve any problem even it might take a lot of new learning. LearningFuze was one of the most valuable experience I’ve ever gained.

Knowing what you know now, how would you have tackled the Bootcamp differently? Any last words of advice?

Be sure to focus on the fundamentals and make sure to fully understand what they mean. Use your resources (teacher, web, books, peers) to get most out of your learning. Lastly, enjoy and have fun!

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