Landing that first tech job and thriving in it

Landing that first tech job and thriving in it

Building consumer focused brands for the web and driving targeted traffic through email marketing, data management, lead generation and brand building is what makes Restoration Media a standout online media firm. Sarah Aleem, Associate Counsel for Restoration Media, came to talk with the LearningFuze Cohort about how to thrive in the ever-growing tech industry.

The first crucial step is how to conduct yourself in the interview process.

  1. Always come prepared with questions and make sure to follow-up after each interview.
    Attend different Meetups and build relationships with key employees to build those important connections.
  2. Make sure that your digital footprint is clean and that your resume and LinkedIn are up-to-date. When hiring for a developer position, a current portfolio is a must with working links.
  3. Focus on the positive aspects of past employers. The interview is not a time to bring up negative aspects of past employers or co-workers. It is a time to show that you are open to new opportunities for growth, have a good work ethic and are able to produce quality work.
  4. The cover letter is very important and Sarah emphasized that every cover letter is read by Restoration Media so make sure that yours pops out from the bunch. Besides having relevant information for the job you are seeking, double check that you have proper punctuation, spelling and indentions.
  5. Hone your soft skills as communication skills are valuable, even if a majority of your time is spent on the computer. Highlight some of your skills such as the ability to learn quickly, roll with the punches as things change constantly and know how to research in order to offer a solution.

After you get offered that job and start working there are some pointers to thrive in the workplace:

  1. Be bold and take initiative. Think ahead and always strive to make improvements in the company. Although staying in one’s comfort zone may seem like the safe route to take, nothing truly ever grows from complacency. Always keep moving forward and embrace new challenges because the magic happens outside of your comfort zone or when you stretch yourself.
  2. Be devoted to staying open and flexible. Just like how we exercise our body, the brain is a muscle that needs to be nourished. Keeping an open and curious mindset will help with the flow of new information of skill sets.
  3. Have a strong work ethic. Be the employee that can be counted on. Integrity, a positive attitude and personal fulfillment make up a strong work ethic. When combined with the qualities of work excellence such as efficiency, effectiveness, communication and organization, one can be a star employee with upward mobility.

As you can see, thriving as a developer is a journey that starts with mastering your skills, marketing yourself effectively, landing those interviews, getting offered a job and continuing the learning process. By focusing on your strengths and by working efficiently and productively, you can be a star developer with upward mobility.

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