LearningFuze Alumni David Goodman On How He Landed A Job As A Full Stack Developer in 3 Weeks

LearningFuze Alumni David Goodman On How He Landed A Job As A Full Stack Developer in 3 Weeks

By Jordan Kimura

David Goodman knew that he wanted a new challenging and fulfilling career as a developer. After graduating from the LearningFuze Full Immersion Bootcamp, he landed a job after only 3 weeks of job searching. As part of the LearningFuze alumni group, he inspired the recent cohort by sharing his experience on landing his first developer job.

  1. What got you into coding?

I always had an interest in doing something more technical, as I came from a tech-sales background. I always dabbled here and there with Codecademy, but every developer knows it takes a lot more hours than doing Codecademy modules once or twice a week to really grasp this stuff. In between jobs, I read books on html/css/javascript. All the things I read online about a career in web development talked about the flexibility, financial security, and job perks. For me an added benefit was no more sales calls. I knew it was going to be hard work to become a developer, but I knew I wanted everything that came with the lifestyle of a developer.

  1. What do you like best about coding?

The thing I like most about coding is knowing that the more I code, the better I get. The better I get, the more valuable I become. What I like most about coding is problem solving. I like how accomplished I feel when I learn something new or am able to solve a problem with the code.

  1. What you liked about the LearningFuze program and how it prepared you for new career opportunities.

What I liked about LearningFuze was that I knew it was a place where if I put in a certain amount of effort and dedication towards learning how to be a developer, the team over there would match that effort on helping me succeed. Whether that’s through guiding me on how to think like a programmer, how to work with people on developer teams and how LearningFuze provided real world developer environment experience. The opportunity to be mentored by the leadership at LearningFuze after the program was over helped with the job search.

  1. Any advice for those seeking a job as a developer?

Don’t get upset with rejection and keep coding. Sharpen that portfolio, resume and GitHub. Be dedicated. My experience was that I coded for 10-12 hours a day and job searched for 6 hours a day. Alternatively you can code for a whole day and job search the whole next day. The reason it’s important to continue coding is because it builds your confidence up and keeps it up especially through a tough job hunt. Take every rejection to learn, remain positive and stay focused.

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