LearningFuze Coding Bootcamp Continues to Build a Super Team   

LearningFuze Coding Bootcamp Continues to Build a Super Team   

LearningFuze Coding Bootcamp Continues to Build a Super Team

by TJ Kinion  

In sports there are super teams such as the Warriors in the NBA; the Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs, and Red Sox in the MLB; and clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Chelsea in soccer (or futbol). Super teams are made up of some of the best players in the world and can sometimes be considered unfair by smaller market teams, but given the quality of their offerings they often simply attract the best. When it comes to coding bootcamps in Southern California there truly are few programs that can compete with the team at LearningFuze.

Since 2014 LearningFuze has been building the strongest and longest tenured team in the SoCal coding bootcamp community. Today we are excited to announce that we have added another all-star to the team, Tim Davis

Tim brings over 6 years of development experience and thousands of hours of Instructor experience as well. Having previously led day-to-day instruction at his previous position, Tim brings experience that is rare to find. Having a CS Degree or 30+ years of professional experience are great but what really makes a great teacher is a passion for helping students understand concepts as well as reach their educational and career goals. When teaching it’s also extremely important to find someone that can break problems into easily digestible pieces for someone new to coding all while exhibiting patience and empathy, Tim does all of this at an extremely high level.

Tim was the lead instructor over at Orange County Code School before they closed their doors to pursue other endeavors. Even though LearningFuze and OCCS were competitors we always respected the quality of education provided and the dedication they showed to their students. Coming out of OCCS we saw Tim consistently produce top notch students that landed at some of the best tech companies in the area such as; Vincit, Acorns, and Verys to name just a few.

In just his first week as part of the team Tim hit the ground running and has brought ideas that we are excited to implement at LearningFuze as we are always working to improve as we continue to produce the best educated students ready to compete in the market. The team now includes 7 full time dedicated instructors that work together seamlessly to bring the best education and support to our students.

A great company and thus a great coding bootcamp should always be looking for ways to improve; whether that’s processes, curriculum, or talent. We are always on the lookout for rock stars, if you have a passion for education and helping others then feel free to reach out to see if LearningFuze is the work environment you’ve been missing.   


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