LearningFuze Grads Quickly Getting Jobs After Coding Bootcamp

LearningFuze Grads Quickly Getting Jobs After Coding Bootcamp

LearningFuze has come a long way in a very short period since the graduation of the first pilot class cohort back in October 2014, and is now well into the third in-class week for cohort 3. Today another 1st cohort graduate was featured in a Course Report interview speaking about his past experience leading up to the LearningFuze Coding Bootcamp, the challenges faced during the bootcamp, and life afterwards working as a developer for Digital River, one of the largest e-Commerce & Digital Media services company in the world.

After just our second cohort, graduates are well into the process of securing a job and all have either accepted or received job offers as well as interviews within just 1 month of graduating.

This is truly impressive and a tremendous credit not only to LF graduates, but is also a real sign of the rise of heavy hitting tech savvy companies and developers in LA/OC.

The pace is picking up not only because employers are starting to see real talent coming out of LearningFuze, but our approach at teaching our current tech stack is remarkably potent. We have been able to synthesize that approach down to a science in a relatively short period of time by having a singular focus on our most important responsibility: The Student – who also happens to be our product for that matter!

And we are clearly starting to see how easily great products sell themselves.

So what has led us to success in this time-frame? Well, our team –  the sheer experience is both cut-through and purposeful; I am truly grateful to have and work with this team.

Next is our training: the 3 week remote prep period includes 80-120 hours of LIVE training, material, and optimized exercises added on top of our proprietary platform.

We have identified many of the touch points early learners should face, and the order in which they need to do so. Secondly, during the 9 week in-class training, students easily spend an average of 10-12+ hours/day learning with us , applying full-stack development with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, & PHP/MySQL in our staggered, skill-driven approach.

As a quick final note I wanted to address a common question that is asked of us many, many, many times (understandably) regarding our tech stack and why we teach ‘x’ over ‘y’:

Any raging debate between which tech stack is the best will make your head spin (i.g. “Let’s play a game called ‘I win!'”). But we’d rather look at data and listen to input from companies and employers who really are the ones on the front lines making timely market related decisions in an unforgiving market.

So we opted to keep things rather simple: focus on depth and workflow proficiency around the core technologies and applicable logic first and foremost. Subsequently, leverage tools, libraries, and modern frameworks at will rather than by reliance.

An aggregate look from this article touches on the top 2 web programming languages in 2015 and they are:

  1. JavaScript
  2. PHP

It just so happens to be what we currently teach :).

“If you are a fantastic ROR developer it really means you know how to program web applications and think like a developer. If you are a fantastic PHP/MySQL developer, I’ll hire you.”

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