LearningFuze is on the move!

LearningFuze is on the move!

Since opening our doors in mid 2014 the bootcamp has seen a plethora of students come through the program and go on to careers in web development at companies such as Kelley Blue Book, Panasonic Aviation, BigRentz, Restoration Media, Insikt, NextVR and more. The program is led by 2 senior developers with the support of 2 junior level developers and the availability of a UI/UX designer which results in a student to teacher instructional ratio of about 5 to 1. A ratio that is important given the intensive nature of the program and the heavy focus on JavaScript. It is also critical to ensure students get the kind of attention necessary in the work like, project oriented environment so that they acquire the necessary, competitive skills in the condensed timeframe.

The program is expanding and evolving with the dev team led by Eric Johnson who has 10+ years of web development experience (he started coding in his teens) in the industry and is now the Director of Technology. The Director of Instruction, Dan Paschal, also has been a software engineer for many years across various types of companies including educational software and the gaming industry and has been at his craft for 21 years.

The newest member of the team, Savrut Pandya, will now be taking responsibility for the employment side of the equation to prepare students and connect them to opportunities in the market. Savrut came to the program from Makers Square/Hackreactor where he successfully placed over 250 students. We are very happy to have Savrut as a part of the team and the students seem equally excited!

In addition, the team has recently added a part time course that is also offered to full immersion students at no cost to aid in their preparation so that they hit the ground running considering the program quickly moves into some serious JavaScript. The program will also be looking to add a part time JavaScript course as well as other full immersion options, so stay tuned!

The program is in growth mode and we are very excited to roll out the new offerings in the coming weeks. Please check out the LearningFuze website for more details or simply come by the facility to see what all the fun is about and learn how you can “Conquer the Code!”


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