Nicholas Lands A Developer Job in 4 Weeks After Bootcamp Completion

Nicholas Lands A Developer Job in 4 Weeks After Bootcamp Completion

Nicholas Porter landed a Web Developer job at Boingo Wireless in just 4 weeks after completing LearningFuze’s Full Immersion Bootcamp. He recently visited LearningFuze to share his experience and success in obtaining that first Developer role with the LearningFuze community. He credits his success to hard work, focus and staying humble.

What was your coding experience prior to the Bootcamp?

I had a handle on HTML and CSS before entering the Bootcamp with some knowledge of JavaScript. At first, JavaScript was difficult but I soon learned to love it because of just how powerful it truly is and what I was able to build. It takes time and dedication but JavaScript definitely becomes easier and the key to development.

How was the job search?

I applied to 4-5 jobs per day and made sure to stay organized and motivated. I recommend that you focus on JavaScript, AngularJS and PHP. In addition, code every day so you can stay sharp.

Can you share how one of your interviews went?

There was one interview where I had a 4-hour interview with 3 hours of whiteboard. They asked me a JavaScript question, a couple questions on AngularJS, and the rest on HTML/CSS. The preparation at LearningFuze was definitely helpful, but it is really important to be ready for anything and to prepare well.

What languages do you utilize in your job?

I use AngularJS, PHP, HTML and CSS.

How was your LearningFuze experience in the Full-Immersion Bootcamp?

To be honest it was intense but you have the resources to learn and the instructors to answer any questions. Watching the lead instructor’s videos (Dan) was also very helpful. Do a lot of work and be driven to succeed. I really loved the program and would do it all over again. I enjoyed the Hackathon the most because there was a lot of research and collaboration that took place. During the interview they asked about my experience in Git, how I worked in a team setting and the about the Agile/SCRUM process so LearningFuze did a good job in simulating a working environment.

Definitely make the portfolio a top priority upon graduation but you don’t have to go too crazy on it. Have it presentable because during the hiring process companies will look at both your portfolio and/or resume. Side projects help too!

Any last words of advice?

Keep coding and keep learning. The more things you do in coding and expanding on projects, the better. Make a website for someone or build side projects to keep your coding skills sharp.

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