Our First Open House Is A Success!

Our First Open House Is A Success!

We are pleased that we had such a great turn-out last Saturday, August 9th!  We had an hour-long presentation where we discussed our program and how beneficial it is for those who have a keen interest in becoming legitimate web developers, but want to do so in a fully-immersive environment and at an accelerated pace.

Many of our attendees gave us great feedback on our presentation and program in general at the end of the open house.  We answered our attendees questions and concerns through e-mails, but we’ve posted our answers as blog entries here and here as well.

We’ve had half of our attendees sign up to be a part of our 12 week coding bootcamp program that begins August 25, 2014, so it’s been a major success!  Here are a few pictures taken at the Open House last Saturday:

Open House August 2014

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