Spring 2016 Hackathon – Winning Team is…

Spring 2016 Hackathon – Winning Team is…

By Jordan Kimura

We just held our Spring 2016 Hackathon for the Full-Immersion Bootcamp. The objective for the students were to effectively collaborate to build out a fully functional app using JavaScript, HTML, CSS and various resources such as Youtube, Flickr, Vine, and other APIs.

Over the course of 2 days, the Fuzers had a total of 16 hours to complete their team projects to bring forth innovation, creativity and logic in the presentation.

We are thrilled to present the winning team of the Spring 2016 Hackathon!
And the winner is… drum roll please..

1st place: Team Ram Rod Entertainment

– Developed by Thomas Case, Tevin Mantock, Josh Hall, Colton Bardy, and David Whang.

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The winning team won a tour to Blizzard and a free lunch at Yard House. Congrats to everyone! Overall, there was great collaboration and projects so congrats to everyone!

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