Student Reviews: Proof of the Best Online Coding Bootcamp

Student Reviews: Proof of the Best Online Coding Bootcamp

How many times have you been in a conversation with a friend or family member when a dispute arose, and someone whipped out their phone to prove their point and claim bragging rights? This has probably happened to you at least once or twice, but if you’re old enough, you may remember the days when you would have to find a set of encyclopedias in order to settle an argument.

However, those days are long past, and the digital era has taken the sum of human knowledge and placed it into an independently-powered, pocket-sized format. It doesn’t take too long to see that this has revolutionized pretty much everything we do, including how we communicate, share information, buy essential goods, pay our bills, and even how we educate ourselves to improve our lives.

This unlimited, real-time access to information has dramatically disrupted traditional forms of education since most people no longer see the value in taking on 10 to 20 years of debt in order to increase their earnings by an insignificant margin.

Nevertheless, there are some things that, even though you could learn them by watching YouTube videos, are still better to learn from a real person who is experienced in their field and can answer your questions to clear up any doubts you might have. This is why trade schools and other forms of intensely-focused learning are on the rise. For a small fraction of what you would pay for a university education, you can learn the essential knowledge and skills that you need to start a career with a high earning potential.

One option that offers many different career paths is coding and development, and it is all too possible to learn these valuable skills without attending a traditional university – or even leaving your home. You can even learn the fundamentals and gain a practical working knowledge of coding and web development in less than four months, preparing you to start a new career as soon as you finish your studies.

This is possible through online coding bootcamps. Online coding bootcamps are intensive courses that guide you through the core competencies of coding and teach you everything that you need to know to become a coding pro.

However, there are many online coding bootcamps out there that make extravagant promises and deliver iffy results. If you are in the market for an online coding bootcamp, you may have visited some of their websites and walked away feeling like it could be a solid choice. But oftentimes, when you reach out to their representatives, you’ll find that it’s like talking to a used car salesperson. They just want you to sign on the dotted line so they can move on to their next prospect.

On the other hand, the best online coding bootcamp’s primary focus is its students. From the curriculum to the services it provides after graduation, everything is geared toward ensuring students are able to do what they set out to do – find great jobs that they love.

Here’s what people are saying about the best online coding bootcamp.

Best Online Coding Bootcamp Reviews

Keep in mind when shopping for the best online coding bootcamp that most will claim to offer many of the same benefits, but the proof of these claims can be found in what real students have to say about their learning experience and the guidance they received throughout their job search.

The best way to know that you are choosing the best online coding bootcamp is by seeing what the people who actually attended these institutions are saying. Some online coding bootcamps will even go as far as to ask you to sign documents stating that you won’t say anything negative about their establishment, and they may even require you to participate in creating marketing material for their school.

These tactics give these institutions the ability to control their public perception through less-than-honest means. This should be a huge red flag because it shouldn’t be necessary to exert that kind of control over students if the institution is providing a positive experience for its attendees.

The best online coding bootcamp will be excited to allow students to share their personal opinions about their learning experience. The best online coding bootcamp genuinely cares about its students’ experience and does everything in its power to ensure that students know this.

This is because the best online coding bootcamp plans to be around for the long haul, which is why they focus on building relationships that last a lifetime. When the best online coding bootcamp delivers an exceptional education based on a cutting-edge curriculum, they are able to establish rapport with both students and employers who frequently hire from their body of graduates.

If you are unsure about LearningFuze’s best online coding bootcamp, just take a look at what its students have to say.

“They wanted to see their students succeed”

The best online coding bootcamp is dedicated to the success of its students above all else. This doesn’t just apply to academic success but also to career success as well.

We understand that, while coding provides many opportunities for lucrative careers, it is a competitive job market, so we have tailored our entire program around helping students prepare for and find coding jobs they love.

“Ever positive, ever encouraging, they go above the call of duty”

Here at LearningFuze, we take special consideration when hiring instructors for our online and in-person classes because we believe it is vital to put people in charge who are passionate about what they do and helping others achieve their goals for an exciting coding career.

Our experienced staff thinks of educating future coders as a personal mission to ensure their success.

“The full immersion bootcamp at LearningFuze is a fantastic option”

When you enroll for the best online coding bootcamp at LearningFuze, your experience will entail much more than just an education. We think of our growing body of students and alumni as family, which is why we guide our students through the entire process of preparing for the material, learning the fundamentals, applying their new skills, and finding great-paying jobs that will change their lives.

“You really get that one on one time”

We believe that in order for our students to thrive in a fast-paced learning environment, it is essential for students to have full access to their instructors. Unlike a traditional university environment, where there may be 50 to 100 students attending lectures given by busy professors, LearningFuze’s mission is to create an intimate learning environment where students are encouraged to seek out their instructors for one-on-one help.

Our staff has the experience and, more importantly, the time to make sure every student is able to grasp each concept as it is presented because we maintain a low teacher-to-student ratio.

“They’ve been there EVERY step of the way”

From the time you walk into one of our informational presentations until long after you’ve landed your first coding job, LearningFuze is there to guide you through your process while tending to your individual needs.

We recognize that every one of our students has a life, personal goals, and a set of unique challenges they will have to overcome in their path to becoming a coder. LearningFuze’s staff will be there to challenge you, push you, and encourage you no matter what.

“Easy to follow and aligns with current industry standards”

Our curriculum is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge that employers are looking for. We believe that the best way to learn is by doing, the same way you would with on-the-job training. This is why our educational approach is centered around allowing you to apply what you’ve just learned through real-world experiences, then building on those same skills once you’ve mastered them.

“You can receive direct feedback that will help you in your job search”

One thing you will often hear about when looking over reviews about LearningFuze is our career services. When you complete our best online coding bootcamp, you won’t just be connected to our huge network of employers. You’ll also receive personal assistance in creating resumes that are specifically tailored to the tech industry, be able to participate in practice interviews to help you get comfortable with talking about your new skills, and have the opportunity to attend presentations about professional networking to enhance your job search.

“The coursework is challenging”

Although we do our best to make our best online coding bootcamp experience as intuitive and holistic as possible, it is important to note that the coursework is thorough and challenging. There is a reason why coding jobs offer such great pay and benefits, and it’s because coding is a difficult skill to master.

With that being said, the information and instruction wouldn’t be worth paying for if it were something that didn’t require dedication and effort. However, no matter what you might struggle with during your learning process, our devoted staff members will be there to guide you through it.

“I don’t think remote learning could go any smoother”

There are some unique challenges that remote learning presents, and LearningFuze has found the best ways to mitigate those challenges in our best online coding bootcamp. Through a combination of carefully crafted online presentations and collaborative tools, the best online coding bootcamp can closely rival the classroom learning experience.

“You have access to the career coaches and their support and guidance for the rest of your life”

No matter how long it has been since you completed the best online coding bootcamp, you will have access to our career services for as long as you need them. Some of our graduates come back to us after a few years to make a change and go for a higher paying job. Others want to stay where they are for a while and take advantage of our career services somewhere down the road.

Whatever the case may be, when our graduates reach out to us for career support, we are there to help get them connected to an employer that is right for them.

“Not all bootcamps are created equal”

When you get out there and start researching online coding bootcamps, you’ll find a lot of mixed reviews from students about their experiences, but LearningFuze is able to maintain consistent five star ratings from hundreds of current students and alumni. This is because we actively listen to our students’ feedback so we can continuously improve our program.

We believe that we’re only successful when our students are successful. And because of our dedication to this belief, we have cultivated a reciprocal relationship among our students, employer network, and our institution.

“LearningFuze is just as great, if not even better, than the reviews suggest”

It’s hard to put into words just how great the LearningFuze experience really is, but hundreds of our students have taken it upon themselves to let the world know how LearningFuze’s best online coding bootcamp has changed their lives.

It was difficult to choose which quotes to include in this article because there are so many! But we wanted to give you an idea of what some of the most common themes are when our students and alumni rave about our best online coding bootcamp. So let’s recap.

LearningFuze offers:

  • Amazing and passionate staff
  • Comprehensive career services
  • Welcoming learning environment
  • Thorough industry-standard curriculum
  • Intuitive learning experience
  • Personal guidance
  • Consistent feedback
  • Unlimited access to instructors

Look No Further Than LearningFuze

The above is also a direct quote you’ll frequently find in many student reviews of our program, so we’re not just saying it.

Here at LearningFuze, we measure our own success by the level of our students’ successes, and we can not emphasize this enough. In addition to updating and adding to our course material, we are always developing new and better ways to help our students learn the fundamental skills they will use daily in their careers.
If you are interested in learning more about LearningFuze’s best online coding bootcamp, reach out to one of knowledgeable staff members to find out how you can sign up for a free info session about our program!

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