The Catalyst

The Catalyst

In the past many distinguished individuals have emerged to reshape society and redefine what success really means. They have done so despite the pathways that they were placed into for the sake of increasing their likelihood for success.

These traditional pathways are most evident in education and training systems whose purpose is to frame the mind towards some degree and prepare students to use these frameworks effectively in the real world.

Unfortunately, there is an increasing disparity between these systems and their ability to not only predict success, but in properly prepare students for what the “real world” demands.

It’s not about what you know, it’s about what you can do.

The marketplace is changing at rates so rapid, that traditional learning models have a hard time keeping up with their ability to properly prepare students for what’s coming next. Unfortunately, the change needed is not regarding the actual knowledge and information being presented, because what’s being taught will always be steps behind what the front lines of the real world.

A catalyst is needed to disrupt HOW training is delivered. Technology has advanced at a tremendous pace, but it is not being leveraged properly, and instead is being forced into an outdated model.

The outdated model is limited by these factors:

  • It is completely inflexible; one size fits all. Everyone else that struggles with it is put into “special” categories
  • It is heavily based on mere regurgitation of information as a measure for success
  • It barely scratches the surface of proficiency in the material presented

A new model is needed that we believe is superior in the following ways:

  • Individual – the same skill sets are acquired by every single learner, at individual paces
  • Success is measured by proficiency (quality, complexity, and quickness)
  • Learning environment proficiencies are as closely related to real world proficiencies as possible

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