The Most Important Web Programming Language!

The Most Important Web Programming Language!

Wondering what the most popular and versatile web programming language in the world is? The biggest players in tech such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are all looking for this language in a web developer. The answer is… JavaScript.

Knowing how to program in JavaScript is an essential skill which is why we created a part-time course called “Root JS” that dives into the critical core skills needed for building out practical and dynamic applications. The importance of JavaScript and its ability to be used for both front-end and back-end development is also why we focus so much on it in our full-time 12 week coding bootcamp.

Root JS is a part-time introductory course designed to teach the key fundamentals of JavaScript and jump-start you on the path to learning more on your own or helping prepare you for a full immersion program. Our team of instructors have extensive experience working in both front-end and back-end development and will be available to answer your questions and help guide you in your learning along the way.

Students in this course will learn:

  1. Core JavaScript
  2. JS Plugins & Modules
  3. Debugging, Tracing, & Prototyping
  4. HTML, CSS, & CSS Animations
  5. Github Workflow

In addition, the course includes:

  • 6 in-person training sessions over 2 weeks
    • 4 total weeknights
    • 2 Saturdays
  • Recorded sessions that allow easy access anytime
  • Real world projects/mini tasks/skill assessments
  • 15 hours a week commitment for the entirety of the class (instruction and outside-of-class work)

In-Class Schedule:

  • Tuesday & Thursday – 7pm – 9pm
  • Saturday – 1pm – 5pm

Take the next step and learn the fundamental concepts of JavaScript in our 2-week, part-time course here at LearningFuze.

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