Top Ten List on how to thrive not just survive the Bootcamp!

Top Ten List on how to thrive not just survive the Bootcamp!

Making the decision to take the plunge into the full immersion program is an important decision as you look to change your career or launch your game changing idea in web development. To get the most out of the coding bootcamp there are a few rules of thumb. Below are the top 10 ways of how to get the most out of the experience at LearningFuze.

1. Commit – Once you have made this commitment make sure your family and friends know that you will be at times unavailable. This will enable you to limit distractions and be able to focus on your goal.

2. Plan – Prepare your finances/household to allow living expenses during the bootcamp as well as a few months after the conclusion of the program as you pursue employment. Mitigate unnecessary stress and plan accordingly.

3. Practice – Code as much as you can around the technologies that are taught before the start of the bootcamp and even the prep period. Repetition is good and the more it is embedded in your mind and second nature the better. Practice typing as this is often an overlooked skill to develop. If you can type around 40 words a minute and are not “hunting and pecking” you will be in good shape. Don’t hesitate to ask the instructors for other prep suggestions.

4. Don’t skip steps – The prep period is truly the start of the bootcamp and it is critical to complete the exercises, readings, as well as participate in the videos and webinars as the curriculum is constructed in a specific manner to allow you to succeed by “scaffolding” the learning.

5. Set goals – Set clear goals for yourself as to what you want to achieve at the conclusion of the bootcamp and beyond. Write them down and then relay your goals with the instructors so they can help keep you on track.

6. Know yourself – Understand how you learn and your strengths so that you can take full advantage of the instructors and the teaching.  Everyone has a different learning style and the more you know about how you learn the more efficient you will become. There are online assessments that give great insights into your strengths and weaknesses.

7. Ask questions – As the old axiom goes, there is no such thing as a dumb question. Ok maybe there is, but in the world of coding if you’re not posing questions than you are missing a golden opportunity to learn!

8. One day at a time – Stay focused on learning in the bootcamp and don’t look to far ahead. It is critical to stay in the moment for if you begin to fret and stew around employment you may miss acquiring critical skills by becoming distracted.

9. Be patient – become comfortable not knowing and allow yourself to absorb information over time rather than immediately. Be patient, it will sink in!  Learn to overcome obstacles and thrive by embracing every problem as an opportunity to learn. Remember to connect with your instructors for additional help or concerns.

10. Finish Strong – focus on learning as much as you can while in the bootcamp around the technical skills as well as the soft skills to be as prepared as possible once your job search begins. It is critical that you have completed a personal project that is available to share with employers to demonstrate your ability.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to reach out. No questions. . .

Let’s code!

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