What Companies Look For In Developers (It’s Not Just Experience)

What Companies Look For In Developers (It’s Not Just Experience)

By Jordan Kimura

Peter Renault, Talent Acquisition Team Lead of Technology from Cornerstone OnDemand came out to share with the LearningFuze community about the company culture and what they look for in potential Junior Web Developers. Cornerstone is at the forefront of cloud-based talent management software with more than 27 million users worldwide. The global company is based in Santa Monica (Silicon Beach), went public 5 years ago and continues to grow substantially. Peter shared a video of the company and culture that showed many of the cool benefits of working at Cornerstone. Some of these benefits include a fitness room, relaxation room, massage services, unlimited vacation and snacks/drinks to keep energy levels high.

Peter mentioned that Cornerstone is not just looking for candidates with a large amount of coding experience. They are looking for visionaries, cool personalities and a logical thought process. Since they highly value empowerment, they encourage growth of their employees and harnessing their potential as Web Developers. Through the interview process they are looking for candidates that are able to grasp the fundamentals of JavaScript, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), and design. It’s all about thinking through solutions and articulating thought process through a whiteboard interview. Cornerstone really emphasizes teamwork so collaboration is key! Working and communicating effectively in groups is a trait that is key to being a successful developer in today’s market.

Web Developers are in very high demand. Good candidates collaborate effectively and think creatively as well as logically. An unyielding passion for learning leads to an advantage as a Developer since the field is rapidly growing. JavaScript is of course the language of the web and is key to know in today’s tech marketplace. By building a strong foundation in core vanilla JavaScript, learning any new framework is a breeze.

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