What Does A Web Developer Do?

What Does A Web Developer Do?

Are you looking for an exciting and lucrative career that’s scalable in the modern world? Look no further than the tech industry.  The internet has revolutionized the way we interact with information and each other and will continue to be the main economic engine driving the modern workforce and economy. For those who are capable of learning the skills necessary to maintain and create sites on the internet, the globalized and digital workforce of the modern world will always provide stable and interesting careers. In this article, we’ll look at some of the basics of what a career in web development looks like. 

While there are many paths to success in the tech field, industry leaders and experts agree that a web development bootcamp is an excellent and affordable way to learn the basic skills necessary and see if this field is truly right for you. Web development bootcamps are more affordable and run at a quicker pace than a traditional college would, but still have excellent track records for landing jobs for graduates. In the tech industry, it’s not so much about your degree and the time you spent in school; rather, tech leaders care about what you can do.  

Web Development Basics

Web development is one of the most stable careers you could choose in this world. In an increasingly uncertain future where many jobs are projected to be automated, web development is a stable choice that companies will always be looking to hire for. All companies, from massive multinationals to small Main Street shops, have recognized the importance of an internet presence and staff that can maintain a website.

Web developers are responsible for several important skills, such as:

  • Using programming languages like HTML and Javascript to create functional and interesting websites, applications, and menus. 

These languages allow the programmer to create something that can be interacted with and used by the consumer to perform tasks and accomplish goals, whether that is buying a product, finding information, or browsing through menus.  

  • Troubleshooting and maintaining functionality on the website, fixing errors, and making sure it runs smoothly from any device or browser accessing it.

Along with making sure the website functions on a daily basis, web developers must monitor traffic to the site and be on the lookout for anything that could adversely affect its functionality. Companies must ensure reliability, and web developers are always on the lookout for DDoS attacks, malware, and other hacking attempts. 

When choosing a specialty within the field of web development, there are a few different areas you can focus on. These specific focuses are:

  • Back-end 

A back-end web developer focuses more on aspects of a website that the consumer won’t see, such as the servers and basic code creating the page. This can be understood as the “back of the house” in a restaurant, where the food is created. Customers usually don’t have access to or need to know about what is required on the back-end of the website.

  • Front-end

The front-end of web development deals with the parts of the website that customers directly interact with, like menus, graphics and applications. Like the “front of the house” in a restaurant, this type of web development must function well and be attractive to the consumer, as it is the part of the website they will interact with the most.

  • Full-stack

A full-stack web developer can move back and forth between back-end and front-end web development, having the skills necessary for both. This is an excellent choice for a career as it will provide you the most flexibility and availability for jobs.

  • Webmaster

A webmaster maintains and updates the website, checking for errors and responding to user concerns or queries about the site. Webmasters are a critical part of running any website, with many career opportunities. 

Web Developer as a Career Choice

Along with these basic functions of the job, many more specific and technical skills are required to be an excellent web developer. The nice thing about the tech industry is that these skills can be learned and practiced at home, and if you are passionate about working with computers then you likely already have access to a computer you can use to learn web development basics. In addition, there are many other resources, such as crash courses with a reasonable price that a student can attend at night two days a week. These methods of learning are affordable and flexible, as technology and computer classes are suited particularly well for remote or distance learning.

For those trying to decide what career would work for them or their children in the modern world, web development is an excellent choice that is guaranteed to provide stable and profitable jobs that offer an exciting challenge. Find the right web development school or bootcamp today to make your tech career dreams a reality.  

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