Your Amazing Portfolio + Our Guarantee

Your Amazing Portfolio + Our Guarantee

We had amazing feedback from our Open House attendees lately. One of the concerns we promised we’d go over in more detail was to answer the question of what you could expect from going through our course in terms of what you’d be able to build, as well as other benefits.  First, check out the projects that you will be completing throughout weeks 4-12 of our program.  This will partially answer your question regarding what you’ll be able to do by the time you graduate:


Tentative Bootcamp Projects

Basic Social Networking Sites – Facebook  

Facebook Link

Image Website – Flickr

Flickr Link

Location-Based App – Uber

Uber Link

Calendar App – Google Calendar

Google Calendar Link

Online Directory – Yelp

Yelp Link

Search Engine – Yahoo

Yahoo Messenger Link

Webmail Service/Chat Application – Google Talk

Google Talk

eCommerce System/Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart

Media Streaming App – Netflix

Netflix Link

Mentorship Program

Aside from valuable portfolio building, we help connect you to appropriate employers in our local employer network through our Mentorship Program, consisting of four main parts:

Employer Network
Employer Network

We’ve established connections with many local hiring companies and growing start-ups who are always hiring talented entry-intermediate level web developers for contract and permanent jobs – sometimes right out of our graduating bootcamps!

Alumni Network

Alumni Network

Oftentimes, web developers decided to start their own companies or design their own applications, and our growing network of alumni could provide you the perfect partnership opportunities in the future.



As part of our post-graduation support, we have prepared a certificate/diploma to be presented to you upon graduation. It stands as our seal of approval that you’ve mastered the fundamentals of key web development technologies, languages, and best practices, and that we agree you are ready for the workforce to work as an entry-intermediate level web developer. Read more about certification.



We’ve never been in the habit of making empty promises, so we want to put our money where our mouths are and guarantee to you that you’ll have a job as a web developer within six months of graduating our 12 week full-immersion bootcamp or we’ll give you $4,000 of your tuition money back! That’s how confident we are in our program, and it gives us added motivation to give you the best web development training possible!

I hope this sheds some insight to your questions and concerns, along with our previous blog regarding ROI and financial viability of our 12 week bootcamp.

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