3 Essential Components Needed To Be A Successful Student Here

3 Essential Components Needed To Be A Successful Student Here

Last week, I posted a blog entry, “Is Our Coding Program For You?” that elaborates on why the web development is a good industry to get in to and talked about our 12 week bootcamp.  However, some of the incoming students we talk to ask us this increasingly common question: “Can I do this?”

What they are really asking is “I’m not getting in over my head by joining your 12 Week, intensive program, right?”  And it’s a really good question.  I’ll tell you what I tell them: as far as previously established skill-sets go – you need none to be successful in this program (although typing skills and having computer savvy are very helpful, obviously).  However, there are several key variables and characteristics that should be considered to fully answer the question:

Work Ethic

This is a real full-immersion web development program in which you’ll be working through challenging (but very worthwhile) projects and coding tasks.  For those of you who have held full-time jobs before, you already have some good experience that will serve you well when you train in our class.

Coding Work Ethic is Important

Of course, we foster work ethic and character growth, but if you have some of these qualities already in any amount, you’ll be that much more primed to succeed:

1.  Determination/Motivation

2.  Discipline

3.  Good Communication Abilities

4.  An end goal (a solid interest in web development, business, self-employment, etc.)


While the first three weeks are done from home using our web-based coding platform, the final nine week are in-class, Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.  The ability to commit to this as if it were a full-time job is imperative to successfully graduate the program.  The good news is that the full-time requirement lasts only for nine weeks (the first three weeks require only 2-4 hours per day of training done from home).

Coding Students Need 12 Weeks

If you don’t have that kind of time now but will in the future, then by all means sign up for a later class date: currently we have January 19, 2015 slated as our next 12 week bootcamp start date.  If you sign up for this or another class three weeks (21 days) ahead, you are eligible for a $350 early registration discount off the $1,000 seat reservation deposit.


The adage “You get what you pay for” certainly rings true in relation to our program and tuition.  I’ve discussed in this and that blog entry why our program tuition is a swell investment that – a vast majority of the time – pays itself off in months.  It is important to take advantage of our early registration discount, and military and/or female scholarships (if applicable).  We typically hold open houses before every term, as well, and oftentimes we’ll offer additional incentives in the form of tuition credits (vouchers) that can be applied against tuition costs, so ask us about our next event!

Students Need Money for Bootcamp

If you have the means, then paying up front has its advantage – you can save $2,255 off tuition if you can manage to pay in full by the first day of bootcamp.  Alternatively, we do have several flexible payment plans set up to help you afford the cost of training.  See our FAQ page for more information or call us up.


Rest assured that if you can at least bring #1 from above, then we can help you manage and grow the rest while training in our program.  We believe in developing the soft skills (ability to work in teams, good communication techniques, etc.) to greater enhance and enable the hard skills (programming languages) you’ll be learning in our program.  Employers have lamented to us too many times about how great their coders are, but how much productivity and profits are lost because of a lack of good communication.

We also deeply believe that success requires a fixed, end goal to strive for.  As the examples in #4 above suggest, it would serve you well to think about what you’d like to do with the coding proficiency you’ll graduate with after 12 weeks here.  We’ll help you work towards these goals through mentoring during the program (in addition to connecting you to local employers after graduation that match your interests/skills).

Almost always, our students come to us with just a little insight into the vast world of opportunities that web development offers.  We love to listen to our students’ ideas, goals and dreams and help them find a niche for them to focus on in our program so that they are best equipped to fulfill their dreams when they leave here.  So that’s why we encourage you to e-mail or call us to find out more about what you, as an individual, can accomplish in the very near future.

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