Career Services & Post Graduate Support

“With how fast technology changes, it’s important to get more out of education than what most traditional institutions can provide. Learning about new advances as they happen, while gaining real world application is truly what sets LearningFuze apart.”

-Tyler Harmor, CTO @ Fusion of Ideas

Employer Network

We’ve established connections with many local hiring companies and growing start-ups who are always hiring talented entry-intermediate level web developers for contract and permanent jobs. Many of these companies have also been gracious enough to lend their time by visiting the LearningFuze facility to provide insight to the students on their organizations, the job of a web developer and the interviewing process. Understanding the needs of employers in the market has been a critical factor in the 95% post graduate hiring rate we have established for those that are engaged in the LearningFuze employment search process. Additionally, of the 400+ hiring companies that have hired graduates out of the program to date, close to a dozen have hired multiple graduates.

The connections we have established with employers is highly valued as they tell us what skill-sets and qualities they’re looking for in qualified candidates, giving us that “ear close to the ground”.  This helps us to match job descriptions and requirements to our graduates who may have a specific interest in one area of expertise or another.  This also enables us to promptly modify and improve our program to meet the needs of our students and the local job market.  Please visit our blog to find out more about some of the many companies in which we have a relationship.

Alumni Network

The LearningFuze alumni are a valuable and integral part of the full time program as well as the part time classes. We welcome alumni back to share their experience in their job search and provide insight into the bootcamp for prospective students. In addition, alumni are always welcome back to take advantage of the mentorship offered by instructors as well as offering their experience and mentoring to the current cohort. Former students continue to be part of the ongoing communication and education well after they depart the bootcamp and have secured employment. The saying around the bootcamp is “once a fuzer, always a fuzer”!


Sometimes people ask us if we’re accredited, and we tell them we’re not. And that’s a good thing! To become accredited requires cutting through a truck-load of bureaucratic red tape – paperwork, signatures, countless phone calls and e-mails, waiting, more paperwork, syllabus and curriculum inspections, more waiting, and then more waiting to get approved!

The whole process can take more than two years! By that time, our curriculum would become outdated, potentially missing developments around the latest and greatest software platforms and the latest programming languages and trends.

You see, once you become accredited, it becomes quite the process to add or subtract anything from the lesson plans – or even update curriculum! It is for these reasons that we and virtually every other developer bootcamp out there is not accredited as it is simply contrary to what we are all about – teaching the most cutting-edge and relevant web development theory and foundations, while staying absolutely flexible and nimble to industry changes and modern developments!

We teach what you might learn in two years on your own or through a trade school – in three months. And that’s what is needed in the current market to meet the demand by employers. And they’re not balking at developers that don’t have four-year degrees. In fact, one research study estimates that nearly half of all new web developer-hires have less than a four-year degree! But even that doesn’t stop them from earning salaries topping $100,000 in certain markets or after gaining some commercial development experience upon conclusion of the program! Nowadays especially, many employers want to see what you can do, not necessarily that you managed to work through various Computer Science courses at college.

So, this is why an accelerated-learning, full-time bootcamp like ours is so important for someone who is really serious about making a career out of web development; employers are looking for talent!

Where are they now?

Take a look at a few of the companies where our graduates are currently working

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