Enrollment Process

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LearningFuze Full Time Training Technical School Private Training
Time To Proficiency 18 Weeks 2-4 Years 400-500 Hours
Work Experience Training Yes No No
Access to Instructors Full Access Only Class/Office Hours Limited to Q&A Time
Job Assistance Yes, Dedicated Yes No
Cost $19,500 ( see discounts ) $40,000-80,000 $60-75/Hr

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Students that typically do well in our program possess many of the following characteristics:

Listens and
communicates well
time well
Works well
individually and in groups

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The interview is an important step in the process as you prepare for the journey you have chosen in the world of coding! This is an opportunity to ensure that the program is a good match for your goals and experience as well as ensuring that the program meets your specific needs. In essence the interview will be a good opportunity for us to get to know each other better before taking this important step! Here is what you will need as you prepare for the interview:

  • Review our Bootcamp Application Guide
  • Schedule an Interview (non-assessment)
  • Take the technical assessment
  • Bring a resume & your questions!



Congratulations are in order once this stage of the process is reached! You have made a critical decision to change your life and LearningFuze is equally excited to be a part of the journey in which you are about to embark! The next steps are as follows:

  • Email will be sent officially accepting you into the program
  • We will coordinate a Q & A via phone to answer any questions
  • A student agreement will be provided for your review and signature
  • Choose one of the flexible payment methods and reserve your seat!