Data Science Prep Course

Free to Info Session attendees - a $245 value

Learn the practical skills and concepts of Python, Statistics, and Data Science

  • Prepare for the Data Science Full-Time Course
  • Learn the most in-demand languages in the industry
  • Build a real-world project
  • Do it part-time
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What is the Data Science Prep Course?

The Data Science Prep Course is a 2-week, part-time data science training program focused on the core skills important to being a data scientist. This course is a required step toward preparing for the Data Science Full Time Course and a career in data science.

Technologies & Concepts Taught

Python Foundations

Intro to Statistics

GitHub Workflow

Data Science Foundations

Complete a Project!

Course Features

This 2-week course has been designed to maximize learning around the core,
fundamental concepts of data science foundations on a part-time basis.

Data Science Prep Course: 2 Weeks

All of this included!

  • 6 training sessions over two weeks
  • Sessions are recorded to allow easy access anytime
  • Real world projects, coding exercises, skill assessments
  • 25+ Lessons & Exercises
  • 10 hours a week commitment for the entirety of the class (instruction and after class work)


  • Saturday - 10:00am - 2:30pm (PT)
  • Monday & Wednesday - 7:00pm - 9:00pm (PT)

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Learn to code in-class

In-Person or Live Online Instruction

Students will maximize their experience and learning by having direct interaction with instructors, whether attending in-person or live online, around the fundamental concepts of Data Science.

Live Chat Support

Students are never truly alone, even when working after hours as the class will have its own chat room and question queue administered by an instructor. Students can ask questions, collaborate and work together throughout the week.




  • Cost: $245*
  • Upcoming Course Dates:
    • January 24th, 2022 - February 05th, 2022
* This course is free to all Info-Session attendees as well as students that have been accepted into the Data Science Part-Time program.

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