LearningFuze Outcomes

The Facts Surrounding a New Career in Tech

Big Picture:

94.9% Employment in 6 Months

*Based on engaged job seekers in our career services.

*When including both engaged as well as unengaged students 80.2% were employed within the 6 month time frame

1. Employment

Track Record of Success

Over the past years, LearningFuze has helped 94.4% of it’s Full-Time Graduates, choosing to use Career Services, find employment within 6 months of graduating.

Proven Success in Starting Tech Careers

Across 2020, our graduates took 2.87 months to land a role with a majority of those gaining employment as Developers or Engineers.

Top-Tier Curriculum & Career Services

LearningFuze provides you with a dedicated full-time Career Services team while also giving you lifelong access to our Career Services, so you can continue building your career in tech.

% Employment Within 6 Months Graduating Bootcamp

LearningFuze has 94.4% employment after six months compared to the industries 79% employment after six months.

*79% statistic based on Course Report's Coding Bootcamps in 2021

*94.4 % are students who are engaged in our job search process

2. The Network

Evolution of a developer Evolution of a developer

Orange County and Beyond!

Establishing Careers Since 2014

LearningFuze was the first bootcamp in Orange County and is one of the longest running programs with the largest employer network

Based in SoCal with Global Outreach

Since 2014, we have had thousands of people come through our classes and they now make up a network that has a core in Southern California but reaches across North America.

LearningFuze building in Irvine California
LearningFuze Alumni

Our Alumni Network

Once a Fuzer, always a Fuzer!

As soon as you join any class at LearningFuze you are welcomed into a community of self-described nerds that are passionate about technology, supportive of one another, and constantly giving back so that others can reach their dreams just as they did.

Pathway to Leadership

Our alumni are now Directors of Engineering, Lead Developers, and mentors in the tech community. Everyone at LearningFuze, both instructors and students, shares a sense of communal well-being that is rare to find in traditional education.

LearningFuze Alumni

Our Employer Network

Positive Employer Relationships

  • We are proud to have alumni working at big tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and Palantir, but the relationships we love are the ones with companies that have hired multiple graduates.
  • When companies such as Kelley Blue Book, VoiceFoundry, BeSmartee, Verys, and Codazen reach out to us directly to hire their 5th or even 10th alumni it is confirmation that our program, curriculum, and career services are all exceeding industry standards.

Pathway to Leadership

  • Our employer partners are involved in curriculum development, speak regularly to classes, and have been invaluable resources in helping us outperform other programs in the industry.
  • It also helps that we have been doing this since 2014.
Zillow Company Logo Verys Company Logo Codazen Company Logo NG Company Logo Costar Company Logo Google Company Logo Voice Foundry Company Logo Telnyx Company Logo Facebook Company Logo

Sampling of Employers

3. Salaries

A Change for the Better

  • LearningFuze is focused on not just helping you get into a job but make a successful career change.
  • We are proud to report that alumni typically experience a compensation increase of 67% from their first to second developer or engineering role.
  • Breaking into tech is our top priority immediately after the bootcamp and once that has been achieved we are excited to continue to work together as you grow in this field.
Salaries Clipart Image

4. Reporting

Transparency and Reporting

Program and outcomes validation has been at our core since we first opened. While there are many reporting standards out there we report our outcomes annually to the BPPE. Our yearly outcomes report can be found here and is something that all incoming students get a chance to ask questions about each metric at any point during their admissions process.

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