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Full Stack Development and Project Portfolio

Part-Time Comprehensive Program

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Module 3 - Program Details

"Full Stack Development and Project Portfolio" is a 12 week, part-time course where you will learn one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, React.js, to round out your front end development skills. This course also includes professional career services such as resume building, mock interviews, portfolio project, connecting with the LearningFuze employer network and more!


Orange County San Diego
  • Learn to properly utilize Facebook’s powerful “React” framework, one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks in use today.
  • Build a Market Ready Portfolio of Full Scale Applications that will make you stand out with employers.
  • Learn how to effectively utilize popular data structures and algorithms, for the creation of efficient and scalable applications.
  • Build an effective technical resume and an online presence, guaranteed to increase your marketability.
  • Learn the system of effective whiteboard performance and the interview skills that you need to make the best impression possible on employers.
  • Learn how to conduct an effective job search in the field of web development.

Module Concepts and Technologies

Learn React


Learn Webpack


Help with technical resumes

Technical Resume

Help with interviewing skills
Interviewing Skills
Help with online presence
Online Presence
Help with building a portfolio full of projects
Portfolio of Projects

Course Features and Topics

This 12 week course has been designed to maximize the learning of React and its related technologies, in order to leverage the power of the fastest growing JavaScript framework in use by web developers today with allowing time to work with career services and complete your final portfolio project. The following is a week by week summary of the topics covered in the course:

Week 1

Intro to Webpack, Intro to Babel

Week 2

Intro to React, JSX, Function Components

Week 3

Class Components, Component State, Lifecycle Methods

Week 4

Inputs/Forms in React, Images/Styles, Routing

Week 5

Axios, Context, Resume Building, Figma, Final Project Planning

Week 6

Final Project Database Schema and Setup

Week 7

Full Stack Final Project Setup and Configuration

Week 8

Intro To Data Structures, Server Side Routing Setup

Week 9

Client Routing, Reusable Components, Whiteboards

Week 10

Data Structures, Wrapping up final endpoints for project

Week 11

Mock Interviews, Final design cleanup of front end

Week 12

Deployment of Final Project, Job Search Preparation, Job Search Collaboration



6:30PM - 9:30PM

Live Online Remote


6:30PM - 9:30PM

Live Online Remote


6:30PM - 9:30PM

Live Online Remote



Plus after hours instructor availability



Plus over 50 Exercises, numerous practice
problems, & skill assessments



Plus 8 hrs of homework, 2 hrs of after
class instructor support per week

In-person/remote Hybrid Concept

In-Person/Remote Hybrid Concept

Students will maximize their learning experience by having direct interaction with highly skilled, seasoned instructors who are there to help them develop the skills needed to build dynamic web sites and applications. The sessions are conducted in-person at our facility but students can participate remotely if needed to accommodate busy schedules.

LearningFuze-Developed Educational Materials

Access to Proprietary LearningFuze Educational Materials

Students will have 24 hour access to recorded sessions, pre-recorded material, prototypes, practices problems and skills assessment all through the LearningFuze student portal. The materials and curriculum is readily available to accommodate the students changing and varied schedules.

Live Chat Support

Live Chat Support

Students of LearningFuze are never truly alone, even when working after hours. The classes each have their own chat room and question queue moderated by an instructor. Students can ask questions, collaborate on projects, and work together throughout the course. Instructors are available for direct student assistance before each class and in the evenings on non-instructional days.



Must be 18 years of age

Must have a laptop/desktop meeting Device Requirements


Complete Modules 1 and 2


Test into course through Registration Process


September 27th, 2021 - December 20th, 2021

Available Discounts

$300 - Early registration discount

This is a required course to complete the Part Time Comprehensive Program.