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Learn the practical skills and concepts of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

  • Prep for the Full-Immersion or Part-Time Coding Bootcamp
  • Learn the most in-demand languages of the web
  • Build dynamic websites and applications
  • Do it part-time, in-person or remote

What is the LFZ Prep Course?

The LFZ Prep Course is a 2-week, part-time (in-class or remote) web development training program focused on the core skills important to building dynamic applications. This course is a required step toward preparing for the Full-Immersion and Part-Time programs, and a career in development.

Go from Static to Dynamic!

Learn and leverage the power of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make dynamic websites and applications. You will be introduced to key fundamental concepts such as HTML syntax, CSS syntax, CSS selectors, JavaScript variables, JavaScript functions, JavaScript objects, JavaScript conditionals, JavaScript loops, and more. You will learn through doing in a project-oriented environment where you will create cool and functional applications!

The Next Step Toward Professional Development

This is the first step in gaining the skills necessary to build professional, full scale applications utilizing the most important language of the web. If you are targeting a career in development and are hungry to learn, this course will expose you to important concepts utilizing JavaScript.

Learn from Web Developers

The course is taught by developers with experience programming both front-end and back-end JavaScript. You will have ready access to instructors to answer your questions and guide you in your learning through a specific curriculum constructed by LearningFuze.

Technologies & Concepts Taught


Core JavaScript

Github Workflow

JS Plugins & Modules

Debugging, Tracing, & Prototyping

Course Features

This 2-week course has been designed to maximize learning around the core, fundamental concepts of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on a part-time basis

All of this included!

In-Class/Remote Schedule (Temporarily All Classes are Live Remote):


Learn to code in-class

In-Person or Live Remote Instruction

Students will maximize their experience and learning by having direct interaction with instructors, rather attending in-person or live remote, around the fundamental concepts of web development to learn how to build dynamic web sites and applications. (Temporarily All Classes are Live Remote)

Live Chat Support

Students are never truly alone, even when working after hours as the class will have its own chat room and question queue administered by an instructor. Students can ask questions, collaborate and work together throughout the week.



  • A laptop
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Must be at least 18 years old


  • Cost: $95
  • In-Person Course Dates:
    • No in-person dates available - Temporarily all classes are remote
  • Remote Course Dates:
    • October 3rd 2020 - October 17th 2020
    • October 24th 2020 - November 7th 2020
This course is free to all Info-Session attendees as well as students that have been accepted into the Full-Immersion or Part-Time program.

Class Registration

** Currently only remote classes available **
In-Person Course
Remote Course

In response to COVID-19, all of our courses and info sessions are currently being held live online