Root Level 1

>_Root Class is the best starting point for beginners that want to learn how to code part-time

  • Get started with web development
  • Discover if a career in development is for you
  • Prep for the Full Immersion Program
  • Do it part-time

What is Root Class?

Root Class is a 2-week remote/in-class web development training program built for beginners that want to learn how to code and are considering a path to becoming professional developers

Fill in the Gaps of your Knowledge

Students will gain a detailed understanding of these fundamental technologies as a foundation upon which to build their skills toward becoming a professional developer. Go from an inch deep and a mile wide to a deep understanding of two languages critical in development

Level 1 Concept

You don't need to learn every word in the dictionary to write something meaningful. You just need to have a solid grasp of the most commonly used words, and an understanding of the basic structural rules to build something awesome!

Why Web Development?

Learning how to code can begin from a multitude of different languages, but professional development in any language requires similar skill sets and knowledge. Web development is the most efficient and in demand place for a beginner to develop their "Root" understanding as a starting point.

Technologies & Concepts Taught

HTML5/CSS3 Foundations

Modern Layouts & Mobile Design

Dev Tools & Debugging

Github Workflow

Prototyping & Agile Development Basics

JavaScript Components

Hybrid Course Features

The course has been strategically designed to maximize learning over a 2-week period for part-time beginners with a flexible remote/in-class option.

All of this included!


Remote/In-Class Hybrid

The class has 6 live training sessions, 4 of which are entirely remote during the week on Monday's and Wednesday's in the evening, and 2 strategically placed on Saturdays where students may elect to come in person or stay at home and join in remotely!

Pre-Recorded Lessons/Material

During the class in addition to lessons give during the live sessions you will be tasked with over 12+ pre-recorded lessons, review material, and over 12+ prototypes (mini-projects) to complete.

Live Chat Support

The class will have its own chat room and question queue where students can ask questions, collaborate, and work together throughout the week.



  • A laptop
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Must be at least 18 years old


  • Cost: $395
  • June 23rd 2018 - July 7th 2018
  • July 14th 2018 - July 28th 2018
This course is free to accepted full immersion students or can be credited towards the full immersion tuition upon acceptance

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