Why Coding?

Developers are in high demand!

According to virtually every scientific research study conducted in the past five years. In that time, the growth of increasingly-interactive websites, applications, and social networks has exponentially increased year after year, as has the demand for appropriately-skilled web developers. And that kind of demand is not even close to being met; researchers project a continued web developer shortage nationwide well beyond 2020!

Perhaps that’s why desperate employers in metropolitan cities around the nation are paying top dollar to web developers that can demonstrate the skills they need to get the job done – whether that’s building a website for a start-up company or coding the next big mobile app for a tech giant like Microsoft.

4-year Computer Science majors aren’t graduating fast enough to meet the increased demand of quality web developers, especially in the tech hubs in California like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Orange County. This has translated into appreciatively higher employee salaries, hiring bonuses and fringe benefits to those capable developers who actually are available to fill new and existing developer jobs in California.

Part of the reason for the dramatic increase in demand of the past five years is the continuous and exponential growth of global web and mobile consumer markets. More than ever before, Fortune 500 companies and micro businesses alike rely heavily on their web and mobile selling platforms to market and deliver their new products and services. But many would-be web developers are becoming more and more!

Starting and advanced salary potential in California

Not too long ago, university graduates would enter the web developer candidate pool as inexperienced “junior web developers” and would typically be paid between $40,000-50,000/year starting salaries. With the advent of accelerated- learning web developer bootcamps, graduates are now entering the workforce with practical working knowledge and experience and earning $50,000-70,000 starting salaries – all in one-tenth the time and money it used to take to become an entry-level web developer.

Pre-2011 starting salaries in California for entry-level web developers

Current starting salaries in California for entry-level web developers

Current starting salaries in California for entry-level web developers

  • Size, growth and location of the hiring company
  • Developer expertise in technologies specifically desired by the company
  • Developer years of experience
  • Developer’s range of skill-sets and level of expertise in each

California: expected web developers’ salary range after 10 years of experience

Web development is one of the most rewarding career choices out there

Web developers enjoy independence

These days, the cost of finding out whether a start-up will actually succeed or not isn’t tens of millions of dollars, as was in the past – it’s tens of thousands of dollars. With a few laptops, some business software, and a few good web developers, an unprecedented number of entrepreneurs all over the world are moving into the “self-employed” bracket, utilizing the web to sell their new products and services. Computers and business software are dime-a-dozen – but are web developers?

A lifetime of opportunities

Web developers are problem solvers, and problem solvers will always be in high demand in the tech industry, where commonplace salaries in tech hubs like Los Angeles and Orange County topple $100,000 per year and more. And, did you know that over a quarter of web developers nationwide are self-employed? Perhaps you yourself have an idea in the back of your mind as to the next big “thing.” Well, the sky is the limit as to what you can build as a web developer. Maybe you’ll be the next Zuckerberg? Start your career in as few as 90 days – take a look at one of our intense, accelerated-learning coding programs.

In our experience, the best perks about being a web developer include…

  • Creative opportunities to code websites with good design, function, and UX!
  • Flexibility to work from home (some jobs) and make your own hours!
  • Accomplishment, as your functionally designed application be seen, used and enjoyed by potentially thousands or even millions of people.
  • The pay – at $50,000-70,000/year starting and over $100,000 at the high end, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better paying job short of working for yourself.
  • Great security – with demand for more and more websites and applications continually increasing, a web development career will continue
    to be hot for many years to come!