4 Types Of People Who Belong At A Coding School / Bootcamp

Development bootcamps have undergone rapid growth in the several years since the first one was founded about 5 years ago and the Department of Education has even recognized intensive bootcamp-style training programs as an “innovative model of education.” The number of students stepping up to the challenge has skyrocketed, but there is a big difference between being interested in a new challenge and being ready for that challenge. So, what kinds of people might be ready? Let’s meet four of them.
  1. Anyone Who Likes To Build / Create / Assemble Stuff --- Ask any group of computer professionals what they love most about their jobs, and – among the varied responses – you’re likely to hear a similar refrain: the sense of enjoyment and satisfaction that comes from actually building something. Web developers are builders, creators, and makers. They go home each evening with tangible evidence of what they accomplished. If you’re someone who appreciates actually seeing the real world results of your efforts, you’ll find plenty of company at the nearest code school.

  2. Anyone Who Enjoys Learning --- Do you have a relentless curiosity about the world around you? Are you on Wikipedia regularly? Is your Google search history filled with questions about random things? Have you ever taken something apart just to see if you can put it back together? If so…welcome home! Coding schools are perfect for those with curious minds and a thirst for knowledge.

  3. Anyone Who Wants To Be Wanted (Professionally Speaking) --- Wouldn’t it be nice to work in an industry that is actually growing? Computer science is one of the fastest growing and best paying segments of the American economy. Students with 4-year computer science degrees have not kept up with the demand and this is especially true in California where there have been far fewer computer science graduates than open computing jobs. Alumni from LearningFuze have had great success filling these positions in Orange County, Los Angeles, and across the country.

  4. Anyone Who Knows The Value Of A Good Coach --- Even if you possess an innate drive to learn, it can still be nice to have someone there to teach you what’s important and who you can ask questions of. Or maybe you just want someone to give you a swift kick or pep talk when you feel like quitting! Think of it like working out with a personal trainer as opposed to going it alone. That’s what LearningFuze’s experienced team provides. Someone to show you what you don’t know, to keep you on track, and to push you further and faster than you ever believed you could go.

If you don’t fall into any of these categories but have a strong interest in becoming a web developer, contact us to find out whether or not the program would be a good fit for you.

Are you one of the types of people listed? Come check out LearningFuze’s next Info Session (attend in person in our Orange County facility or online via Google Hangouts) or contact us with any questions!