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The LearningFuze Team

We believe that to operate as an effective developer bootcamp, the student-teacher ratio must be optimal and much smaller than your traditional classroom. Coding is a challenging undertaking that requires knowledgeable and energetic instructors to be available one-on-one. That’s why we invest in maintaining an excellent student-to-teacher ratio for our program!

Brett A.

Brett Albright

Remote Web Development | Prep-Class Instructor
Part Time Program Admin

Areas of Focus: Core Javascript, React, NodeJS, Postgres, CSS, HTML, bootstrap 5.

About Me: Ever since my first 286x IBM clone in the early 90s, I was in love with computers and figuring out what made them work. I quickly developed an intense passion for them and although my path of employment was varied, I never was far from technology, and computers played a continuous role in my life. When the chance to do programming and teaching full time revealed itself, I jumped for it and never looked back!

Tim H.

Tim Horist

Web Development Instructor
Part Time Instructor

Areas of Focus: Data Structures Lead Instructor, Final Project Management, Core Logic, Advanced Programming & Computer Science Concepts, Functional Programming, Software Architecture, Relational Databases, User Experience, Specializing in Technologies: JS, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NodeJS, Git, Linux, Bash, WSL

About Me: Software has always been a draw for me, whether it was a passion for video games at a young age; my first forays into programming TI graphing calculators in middle schools; learning about various programming languages in high school and community college; using Mathematica, C/C++, Fortran, and Python while working on my Physics BA for homework assignments and research projects; or writing Crystal Reports against an ERP system's T-SQL database to greatly reduce the amount of manual data analysis for Procurement and Inventory Management. It wasn't until 2015 when I seriously consider a career in software engineering, but once started nothing could pull me away from it.

Zia K.

Zia Khan

Full Time Data Science Instructor

Areas of Expertise: Python, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Supervised/Unsupervised Machine Learning, Classification, Regression, Time Series, Natural Language Processing, Image Recognition, Computer Vision, Recommendation Systems, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Compute, Big Data Spark, Cisco, EMC, Salesforce, Sklearn, pandas, Keras, Tensor Flow

About Me: I have 20+ years of experience in the software and information technology field with 5+ years in data science consulting and training. I worked with Bell Canada in cloud computing before moving to California in 2016 to pursue his passion for data science and teaching. As a data scientist in recent years, I have worked on healthcare, auto, and manufacturing projects. I hold a bachelor's degree in Mathematics and a Master's in Computer Science. I have hosted multiple data science tutorials at DataCon LA (previously Big Data Day LA), Global Azure BootCamp (SoCal), Glendale Tech Week, and SQL Saturdays locally. I also host a yearly session at Cal-State Fullerton data analytics club and SoCal Code Camp. I believe in the importance of continued education and have pursued multiple certifications through EMC, Cisco, Salesforce, and UC Irvine, but know that the best way to learn is by doing.

Jenna B.

Jenna Bowman

Full Time Data Science Instructor

Areas of Focus: Python, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Sklearn, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Machine Learning, Classification, Regression, Data Analytics, & Admissions

About Me: Working with computers and solving real-world analytical problems has been a passion of mine since childhood. Before I pursued Data Science, I achieved a BS in Biology & Environmental Studies from Swarthmore College. There I furthered my coding knowledge in Python and R through experience in the Marine Science field, working to determine the detrimental effects of climate change on ocean life. In addition to Python and R, I specialize in Java, Javascript, HTML, and CSS which allows me to implement Data Science projects and bring them to life. I chose to pursue teaching Data Science to share my passions and perspectives with students hoping to pursue jobs in the field. And I've loved every second of it!

Cassandra C.

Andreana Pettersen

Career Services Manager

Areas of Expertise: Theory Based Career Counseling, Holistic Career Advising, Job Search Preparation and Support, Individual and Group Sessions, Employer Networking, Career Workshops, Managing Career Fairs & Events, Career Center Management & Strategic Planning.

About Me: I find cultivating the potential in others and helping students achieve their career goals very rewarding. I possess a Master of Science in Counseling & Student Affairs, focusing my studies on Career Counseling. Since 2015, I have worked primarily at public university career centers for campuses ranging from 4k-40k students. I'm thrilled to have joined the LearningFuze team! I greatly appreciate our ability to work collaboratively to provide student services on a more personal & individual basis. Student success and fostering community and connections within Career Services is a high priority.

Bill C.

Bill Cunningham

Operations Director

Bill holds an MBA from Pepperdine and has executive and management experience working at multi-billion-dollar companies. One of Bill’s roles at LearningFuze is networking with employers in the area to establish relationships that help get graduates in the door when looking for jobs. His extensive experience in interviewing, leading teams, and coaching employees helps ensure that students succeed in the program and do well afterwards as they take the next steps in their careers.

Our Learning Space and our Program

We have dedicated learning space that is focused on our students being able to code with little distraction or interference. It is a dedicated space on the second floor of an office building near the Irvine Spectrum – the heart of the Orange County tech world! LearningFuze is a program focused on the “skill-driven model” (i.e. learn by doing) and our site is designed with that in mind.

The Classroom

A group of students planning their group project
  • Collaborative learning environment

Collaborative learning environment

Students reviewing their website visuals for improvement opportunities
  • 27” LCD monitors
  • WiFi you can pick up in the parking lot!

27” LCD monitors and WiFi you can pick up in the parking lot!

Group Projects and Hackathons

Employer Events

Group Projects and Hackathons

Students practicing paired programming

Employer Events

LearningFuze booth at a career fair

Strategically Located in Irvine, CA

We chose our classroom to be smack-dab in the middle of Orange County’s tech hub, Irvine, CA. A city renowned for its numerous tech start-ups, like a mini Silicon Valley!

LearningFuze Web Development Bootcamp

9200 Irvine Center Dr., 2nd Floor
Irvine, CA 92618